MX.3 for Central Banks
and Public Agencies

The right infrastructure to deliver financial markets stability

Today, much more is required from public institutions in terms of liquidity provision to capital markets and overall transparency. This results in the need to regain control over their growing and diversifying assets under management.

MX.3 allows these institutions to adapt to the latest market conditions and rationalize reserves, asset and debt management, and operations on a single platform. The solution is integrated across the front office, back office and risk functions, and delivers efficiency and control along the entire value chain.

The platform’s portfolio management features are among the most advanced in the industry. Investment and debt managers have access to a broad range of assets, leveraging a unique product coverage and best of breed analytics. Real-time liquidity and asset inventory management support funding optimization. Operations managers can also rely on flexible and powerful business workflows to optimize the processing chain from execution to settlements and accounting, including collateral management and compliance. Risk managers can leverage a unique set of tools to analyze portfolios on any product type and access advanced methodologies to measure market, credit or liquidity risk.


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