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What I really enjoy about Murex is that when you have an idea and you give the good rationale behind, you have a very supportive management behind you to put it in place.

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Head of Global Talent Acquisition

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We systematically anticipate any financial or technological developments on the market, enabling us to stay constantly up to date, even ahead of all market trends.

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Consultant FO Quantitative

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What motivates me during my daily work is the international dimension, talking to clients, working on several projects with broad topics, and the friendly atmosphere.

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Front Office Consultant

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There's also the diversity of the projects; no two days are the same at Murex.

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Functional Consultant

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What motivates me in my job is the broad spectrum of activities and the diversity of the job, as well as the quality of the people I'm working with.

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Global Head of Trading and Financial Engineering

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What stands out for me most in my day-to-day work at Murex is the environment, which is both challenging and dynamic.

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Quantitative Engineer

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I'm convinced that the future of program management is all about finding the right balance between human expertise and cutting-edge tech.

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Program Manager

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The learning culture at Murex has contributed to my personal and professional growth because everything depends on this learning journey, both successes and failures

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Senior Financial Consultant

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The warm welcome from the team, the introduction to everyone, the assignment of a buddy, and the onboarding made it easy for me to embrace the opportunities that come with this international experience.

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Financial Software Consultant

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My position allows me to help clients overcome technical challenges. The closure of each case is a personal achievement, knowing that the knowledge I've gained can positively impact our clients.

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Application Integration Consultant

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My role demands a keen attention to detail, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the scenarios involved in the post-trade processes.

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Operations and Finance Consultant

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Why Join Murex? On the technical side, there is such a wide, diverse range of possibilities, you can really grow and challenge yourself at Murex

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Software engineer

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