MX.3 for Market Risk

Lead the pack and tackle the new paradigm
in market risk today

The recent spate of financial crises has laid bare the limitations of financial institutions’ market risk models and infrastructures. Regulators have now imposed refined risk measures and introduced risk-based margins and capital requirements for bilateral or CCP-cleared trading.

MX.3 is used by a large and diverse range of market participants to meet new regulations and fully integrate market risk at each point of the value chain.

Managing the regulatory avalanche

MX.3 delivers with high performance the accurate output needed to produce timely regulatory statements and leverages advanced reporting tools for enterprise data consolidation. Risk managers are empowered to analyze and audit results, navigating from VaR aggregates down to individual trades or risk factors contribution. Furthermore, they benefit from a wide range of trading and risk features such as sensitivities analysis and P&L attribution that facilitate compliance, risk analysis and backtesting.

Regulatory pre-packaging supports firms in their journey towards compliance. It delivers liquidity-adjusted VaR and calibrated expected shortfalls for Basel III, global sensitivities and stressed VaR to comply with the Volcker rule, OTC margins for EMIR and Dodd-Frank,  VaR on replicated liability portfolios for Solvency II or IFRS 13 trade-level CVA and Basel III CVA VaR.

We are constantly innovating to meet the latest changes in market risk such as extreme value theory, reverse stress-testing, incremental default charge or Basel III revised standard capital charge. The flexibility of our MX.3 platform ensures compliance with evolving requirements.

Real-time VaR anywhere

By breaking the silos between front office and risk management, MX.3 delivers to traders a real-time 360 degree view of VaR across all asset classes listed and OTC. MX.3 features real time market risk limits and, with the latest innovations of in-memory analytics, it performs on-the-fly cross-margining simulations that identify the cheapest clearing venue or bilateral margin.

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