MX.3 for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Disruptive innovation for a new risk paradigm

Basel III, Dodd-Frank, EMIR and UCITS regulatory reforms and events, along with the unprecedented occurrence of risk control implementation failures, strategy risks and uncertainty, have been the catalyst for a comprehensive assessment and complete overhaul of risk management practices and methods to increase the probability and likelihood of risk mitigation. A given organization aims to minimize financial risks and to develop robust contingency plans, for example.

In this context, financial institutions have moved their focus to just-in-time, severity triggered risk management policies and prioritization to efficient and effective use and organization of regulatory capital in a way that fundamentally challenges legacy risk systems. While traditional infrastructures face obsolescence, MX.3 offers a new model, with opportunities to natively enable risk control, risk analysis and optimization at every step of the front-to-back value chain for stakeholders and managers.

Whether used as an integrated trading and risk solution for an enterprise risk management and risk analysis platform connected to multiple trading sources, MX.3 instantly delivers a holistic view of risk analysis and the likelihood and severity of negative effect, without suffering from data simplifications or integration challenges.

Global and real-time risk view

MX.3 provides a suite of different categories of advanced risk modeling, analysis, mitigation and control tools with the objective of managing credit, market and liquidity risks, financial risks and other risks across all asset classes and types.

The platform uniquely combines sophisticated risk measures and accurate valuation adjustments with unparalleled flexibility and unmatched resources to define new metrics, risk aggregation hierarchies and exposure projections, making it a seamless process to adapt to likely new requirements as they emerge.

Using high-performance computing, the solution is engineered to deliver real-time incremental risk metrics and assessment at pre- or post-trade level manipulating massive data, making it possible to optimize capital usage.

End-to-end management of the new risk-aware value chain

To be operationally effective amid uncertainty, risk management requires more than just sophisticated risk models. MX.3 delivers an end-to-end risk management framework embedding real-time limit control, risk indicators and remediation workflows to centrally manage risk-related business processes.


Please read this brochure on the MX.3 Enterprise Risk and Regulatory Suite for more information.

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