MX.3 for banks

Digitalization and APIs

Achieve internal and external business process digitalization.

Achieve internal and external business process digitalization.

The MX.3 software development kit (SDK) and APIs enable financial institutions to achieve internal and external business process digitalization; speed data-driven decision-making by providing the right data in the right place at the right time to the right person; and rationalize the software landscape and distribute information consistently enterprise-wide, leveraging data directly from the MX.3 source of truth. MX.3 also increases interoperability between systems with APIs and Reverse APIs and programmatically drives MX.3 business object life cycles.  


Murex Experts Describe Modern APIs and Trading Desks Value Extension

Murex Experts Describe Modern APIs and Trading Desks Value Extension Murex Global Head of Trading and Engineering Didier Loiseau and Head of Product Management for APIs, Integration and Customization Sylvain Caillibotte explain how we further extend our value proposition to trading desks thanks to a set of modern APIs.

Typical use cases are identified from various business processes where APIs enable the creation of custom solutions, adding value to practitioners.

With the MX.3 SDK and APIs, the client developer can:

  • Perform create, read, update and delete operations on transactions, reference data, market data, collateral, limits, confirmations, settlement instructions, and more. 
  • Stream calculated risk figures like live P&L and sensitivities to custom applications and portals. 
  • Produce, retrieve and distribute MX.3 reports. 
  • Process automation for IT administrative tasks, such as user management. 
  • Extend pre-trade and post-trade business processes by calling the XVA engine, requesting an authorization or checking compliance with regtech.  
  • Invoke MX.3 pricing and quoting functions. 
  • Plug into MX.3 external evaluation analytics for front office and market risk models, as well as curve calibration libraries. 
  • Use the MX.3 evaluation API for various use cases, including feeding in-house applications that require accurate market values. 


The Developer Portal

To enable seamless interoperability and maximize developer experience, the MX.3 API landscape includes RESTful APIs. Developers use their preferred programming languages, tools and frameworks, benefit from the HTTP-based RESTful APIs interoperability and retrieve OpenAPI specifications through the Murex Developer Portal.

Developer portal, APIs of the MX platform

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