MX.3 is the leading capital markets technology solution

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MX.3 is the integrating capital markets platform

Discover MX.3

MX.3 is the leading SaaS capital markets platform


Future-proof your financial foundation with a vendor-managed SaaS tailored to your needs that scales with your ambitions. Focus on your strategic vision.

Murex enables you to quickly deliver value, optimize costs and mitigate risks.

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Murex is excited to be shortlisted for Collateral Solution of the Year and Post-Trade Technology Provider of the Year at the Securities Finance Times 2024 Industry Excellence Awards! Stay tuned for the official results on July 11 in London. Many thanks to the judging panel, as we remain committed to delivering a cutting-edge solution to address needs for more digitalization, automation and post trade efficiencies. Find out more here: #SoftwareSolution #Securitiesfinancetimes Justin J. Lawson

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About Murex

Murex provides enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions. Its MX.3 platform is engineered to meet evolving challenges. It supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations to help clients meet regulatory requirements and to manage risk and IT costs. Murex has more than 60,000 daily users in over 60 countries. Murex supports diverse financial services clients, from banking and asset management to commodities and energy. Murex has over 3,000 team members across 18 locations who provide cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and unique product innovation.

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