MX.3 for Liquidity Risk

An integrated view of liquidity risk

Liquidity risk is by nature consequential, resulting from market, credit, behavioral or operational risks. Depositors will create liquidity shortfalls during a stress situation, or a credit rating downgrade will trigger unexpected massive margin calls. Today’s risk managers and regulators demand a better understanding of how these interrelationships work together.

MX.3 offers a holistic answer to liquidity risk management. It proposes a complete coverage of front office, back office and risk management processes to capture all components of liquidity risk accurately and convey information in real-time to relevant decision points.

A comprehensive solution for funding, market and intraday liquidity 

MX.3 aggregates liquidity data across treasury and capital market sources, and manages each component of liquidity risk.
Cash and security live inventories address funding and market liquidity risks, while intraday liquidity is controlled by way of real-time settlement and nostro management.
End users are updated with key liquidity ratios such as LCR intraday and assisted by a compliance workflow to remain within regulatory limits.

Advanced cash flow modelling and stress testing

Cash flow forecasts are generated in real-time for all products whatever their complexity, for example contingent liability flows such as callable bonds or exotic notes. Behavioral assumptions can also be incorporated.

Scenario analyses allow users to assess factors such as the composition of their high quality liquid asset inventory post assignment of unencumbered assets, or their worst-case margin call in the event of a credit rating downgrade.

Functional Coverage


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