MX.3 for banks

MX.3 for banks

Accelerate IT transformation with one platform.

Accelerate IT transformation with one platform.

To a large extent, banks have analyzed the consequences of new regulations and redefined their business strategies accordingly. The vital question they now face is how quickly they can implement their new target models. Banks around the world use MX.3 to accelerate their transformation and compliance with the complex regulations.

Banks deploy MX.3 for its best-of-breed features in trading, risk management and processing. Many leverage its ability to roll out an integrated cross-asset value chain across all business functions. With its unique product mix, functional completeness and built-in flexibility, MX.3 enables banks to take advantage of new opportunities, expand global business or develop a presence in local markets while they benefit from increased efficiency and a reduced operations cost.

Seize opportunities and expand business.

With MX.3, banks take advantage of arising trading opportunities, expand global business and develop local market presence without compromising on accuracy, competitiveness, risk and resiliency.

Sixty-five of the Top 100 global banks run MX.3.

MX.3 acts as the single source of truth for all bank departments and is updated in real time across assets and domains. As an integrating platform, MX.3 breaks silos between departments. Data and calculated figures used by teams working with MX.3 are consistent by construction. Data transfers and subsequent labor-intensive reconciliation efforts are eliminated. Sales, traders, quants, treasurers, back officers, accountants, controllers, risk managers, and IT collaborate and serve customers efficiently on MX.3. 

Experience accelerated IT transformation with one platform.

Banks that adopt MX.3 maximize preparedness for regulatory and market evolutions, including FRTB, SA-CCR and uncleared margin rules. The platform also helps banks manage rules such as IBOR reform, IFRS, ASC 815/ASU 2017-12, SWIFT transition to ISO20022, EMIR, Dodd-Frank and SFTR. 

More than 60,000 users rely on the MX.3 platform every day to run capital markets businesses and achieve fast time to market for evolutions at a controlled cost.  

Rabobank Chief Digital Officer Details the Transformation Journey with MX.3

Chief Digital Officer Anton Rutten describes how MX.3 has helped Rabobank achieve the transformation the bank aimed for. Rutten highlights the strategic readiness of MX.3, the benefits of selecting the platform, a scaled agile way of working, leveraging continuous integration and adopting cloud infrastructure. Rutten also discusses how the way Rabobank approaches regulatory challenges has “fundamentally changed” with MX.3. Read the case study.

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