MX.3 is the leading integrated capital markets solution

MX.3 is the leading integrated capital markets solution

About MX.3

About MX.3

Financial services firms continuously accelerate to achieve technology and financial product innovation. As they do so, the challenges of an evolving regulatory agenda, cyber threats, computation quantity and complexity, financial transaction volumes and digitalization also accelerate and change. Keeping pace with this change is essential. 

Murex’s award-winning cross-asset integrating platform, MX.3, delivers market standards out-of-the-box. It also offers customization and applications development. The platform is the most cost-efficient way to continuously transform IT landscapes in financial services with accuracy. It breaks silos between front, finance, risk and operations, and facilitates collaboration. It brings clients closer to their own customers, leveraging a solid data and analytics back end to support their digital journey. The Murex continuous delivery approach is the safest and quickest way to channel innovation at scale and maximize business outcomes. 




of the Top 100 global banks are Murex clients


of global FX trading


in innovation over 10 years

MX.3 is the best-in-class integrated solution for the sell side.

Murex partners with over 300 clients, including global banks, market makers, leading multi-regional banks, regional and national banks.

Cross-asset platform

Cross-asset platform

MX.3 business processes cover all asset classes and functions for treasury, trading and investment activities. It automates and controls the banks value chain. It is deployed either in full or in a modular way.

Regulatory readiness

Regulatory readiness

Committed long-term partnership with market utilities, industry associations and its customer base eases compliance with market standards in due time. Regulatory readiness includes clearing, collateral, trade reporting, market, counterparty credit and liquidity risk.

A partner of choice

A partner of choice

Murex's unique geographical footprint over 65 countries in six continents and its three decades experience make it the solution of choice to handle local specifics, inshore and offshore alike.

Connectivity and bespoke interfaces

Connectivity and bespoke interfaces

Extensive connectivity framework strikes a happy medium between out-of-the-box interfaces to providers, utilities and regulators, and bespoke interfaces developed in autonomy, to fit in singular IT ecosystems.

Fit-to-purpose approach

Fit-to-purpose approach

By the same token, the 80/20 strategy enables quickly onboarding a branch, a desk or a new function, by inheriting packaged solutions, while leaving room for customization and enrichments of workflows, data and analytics. Therefore, MX.3 adapts to its customers’ organization, not the opposite.

Choice of IT strategy

Choice of IT strategy

To enjoy a continuous flow of innovation in MX.3, customers have developed various IT strategies, all supported by an industrial Murex DevOps approach. It ranges from infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), business process as a service (BPaaS), to software as a service (SaaS), with full or hybrid cloud deployments.

MX.3 is an advanced solution for investment management.

MX.3 is an advanced solution for investment management.

MX.3 offers a differentiating alternative to traditional investment management software for those asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and hedge funds eager to diversify their product mix beyond cash settled securities, implement both standard and sophisticated compliance policies, value their derivatives position independently, and push the modelling of LDI to the next level by including inflation and equity risk factors, use superior risk modeling and performance analysis, tightly integrated to the investment decision cycle.

In addition, MX.3 improves the functional integration between the dealing desk, the portfolio managers, the compliance department, the collateral desk and the back office, while complying with regulation and connecting to the market ecosystem. It automates and streamlines the value chain, improves straight through processing (STP) rates, and makes the organization more collaborative by harnessing a unique Investment Book of Record.

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MX.3 is an advanced solution for investment management.

Extensive asset coverage

Catalog of over 300 ready-to-use payoffs available across the value chain is unrivaled.

Any combination of payoffs can be structured or securitized.

APIs to build, price and process custom payoffs.

  • FX

    Spot, Forward, Swaps, NDF, Time options, ...

  • FX options

    Vanilla, Futures, Barrier, Accum, Tarf, ...

  • Digital Assets

    Spot, Futures, options, NDF, ...

  • Money Market

    CP, CD, Loan/Deposit, ...

  • Securities Finance

    Repo, Sec lending, Synthetic finance, ...

  • Fixed Income

    G20, Emerging, Govies, Futures, EMTN, Structured Notes, ...

  • ESG

    Green bonds, Sustainability linked derivatives, ...

  • Linear Rates

    Futures, FRA, IRS, Currency swaps, Non Deliverable Swaps, ...

  • Non-linear Rates

    Cap/Floor, Futures, Options, Swaption, Multicallable, Exotic, ...

  • Inflation

    Swaps, Caps, Zero coupon, LPI and year-on-year, ...

  • Credit

    CDS, CDS index, CDO, Credit Bonds, ...

  • Structured Finance

    ABS, MBS, ...

  • Equity

    Cash, futures, vanilla, barrier, Accum, Autocalls, Exotic, ...

  • Funds and ETF

    Mutual Funds, Actively Managed Certificates, ETF, ...

  • Alternative Investments

    Private equity, Private debt, ...

  • Commodity

    Oil & Refined Products, Power & Gas, Coal, Base & Precious metals, Agri, ...

  • Carbon Emission

    Certificates, Futures, Swap, Options, Structured Products, ...

  • Islamic Finance

    Murabaha, Mudaraba, FX Wa'ad, Sukuk, ...