MX.3 architecture

MX.3 architecture

MX.3 relies on a tiered, service-oriented architecture. End users access MX.3 business solutions through a desktop app or web browser. 

The application tier is composed of presentation, business, orchestration and technical layers. Orchestration layer services distribute calculations on business layer engines. The technical layer is the foundation of the platform. It handles capabilities such as authentication, authorization and service registry.  Technical services leverage standard technologies such as Open Telemetry for monitoring and SAML for authentication workflow. 

MX.3 leverages technologies such as Apache Storm, Apache Spark or Pivotal Gemfire for in-memory data grid to deliver high performance on critical calculation and aggregation services. 

To price the most complex exotic derivatives, MX.3 can execute calculations over a grid of CPUs or GPUs. For the most computationally intensive workloads—market risk and reporting—the MX.3 platform leverages Kubernetes and containers to benefit from the scalability, flexibility and pay-as-you-go model of the cloud. 

device Rendering (Desktop or Web)


API Connectivity

Sales and trading Treasury Investment management Balance sheet management Funding
Risk management Operations Finance Collateral ...

Pricing engines Workflow engines Calculation engines Accounting engines Datamart engines
XVA engines Limits engines Risk engines Collateral engines ...

Position server Limits server Market risk server Collateral server Market data server
XVA server Processing server Simulation server Clearing orchestrator ...

Authentication Authorization Caching Messaging Cluster management
Aggregation Service registry Logging Monitoring ...

Oracle, SAP ASE, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

financial Financial database
financial Datamart database

Cloud, virtualized, bare metal gif
Grid (GPU/CPU) for exotic pricing gif
Elastic compute for market risk and reporting gif

High performance benchmarks

Horizontal scalability allows MX.3 to handle many users and high volumes. 

The world's largest swap clearing platform

MX.3 powers the world’s largest swap clearing platform (90 percent of OTC vanilla swaps volume) since 2011, with real-time and end-of-day value at risk calculations.


Over 35 million FX cash trades daily

Over 35 million FX cash trades are processed daily front-to-back with confirmation and settlement messages generated in parallel with many user sessions and reporting activities. 

Margin call calculations

Full exposure and margin call calculations over the whole collateral inventory for 20,000 collateral agreements are executed in 10 minutes. 

Over 1,000 FX trades per second

One thousand trades per second are imported during peak throughput with stable end-to-end latency on position keeping and downstream interfacing.

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