MX.3 for banks

MX.3 for energy and commodities

Optimize business and resources across physical and financial trading.

Optimize business and resources across physical and financial trading.

Diverse stressors impact the global supply chain. Commodities prices fluctuate. Unprecedented situations arise—during the COVID-19 crisis, oil futures went negative in a black swan event. Volatilities in the commodity and energy markets unequivocally bear the marks of a relentlessly evolving supply chain and geopolitical events. 

A single system provides a holistic and aggregated source of information.

MX.3 equips commodity and energy sector players with a single system that provides a holistic and aggregated view of physical and financial commodity risks across entities and geographies in real time. Its shared repository of trades and reference data—such as physical attributes or delivery terms—ensure risk figure accuracy and consistency across entities.  

This front-to-back-to-risk solution supports a large set of commodities, such as crude oil and refined products, base and precious metals, agricultural, natural gas and electricity, as well as emission products, both regulatory and voluntary. It supports physical trading specificities. Physical trades are captured and grouped in a context linked to currency, freight, quality, storage, and various fees and required hedges. 

Energy and commodity firms that adopt MX.3 maximize preparedness for market evolutions and regulatory developments, such as the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) and the Dodd-Frank for large trader reporting.

Murex partners with over 300 clients, global banks, market makers, leading multi-regional banks, regional and national banks, as well as commodities and energy companies. MX.3 has seen EUR 1 billion in innovation over the past decade. MX.3 is the platform of choice to digitalize processes or leverage cloud capabilities. 

ICBC Standard Bank Details Main Benefits of Using MX.3 for Commodities Trading

Listen as François Mantion, head of energy trading at ICBC Standard Bank, discusses the depth, flexibility and robustness of the MX.3 integrating platform, which enables the financial institution to quickly react to sudden market changes, such as crude oil futures going negative. Mantion also discusses the bank’s plans to move its precious and base metals business to Murex and consolidate its front-to-back framework across all commodities.

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