Murex Keeps Up Excellent Winning Record at the Asia Risk Awards 2020

Murex’s presence in Asia goes from strength to strength after its core MX.3 platform is once again recognized by a panel of industry experts at the 2020 Asia Risk Awards

Murex Keeps Up Excellent Winning Record at the Asia Risk Awards 2020

PARIS, September 9, 2020 — We are thrilled to announce that Murex, the global leader in trading, risk and processing solutions for capital markets, has been victorious in three categories at the 2020 Asia Risk Awards: 

This year’s winners in the technology fields were determined by a panel of industry experts.
Since the establishment of its APAC headquarters in Singapore at the start of the millennium, Murex’s clientele has grown on a continual basis in the region. Being awarded technology vendor of the year for the third consecutive year is a tremendous feat and clearly demonstrates the strength of its consolidated front-to-back-to-risk MX.3 platform, providing multiple benefits across all investment functions. 

During recent market volatility and uncertainty, the MX.3 solution showcased outstanding capabilities in managing high trading activities and fast and accurate hedging strategies, including XVA management. By way of example, the full integration of the XVA into the trading tools and broad product coverage with powerful analytics for exotic products most definitely aided our clients in weathering the storm.  
It is also worth mentioning the MX.3 solution for IBOR discontinuation in the constantly evolving capital markets’ environment. The end-to-end, pre-packaged solution addressing all aspects of the reform brings consistency across all business processes and manages the transition of thousands of trades rapidly. Murex is partnering with clients to help in the transition with a strong regional focus and a deep understanding of each jurisdiction’s specificities. 
As part of its long-term product strategy, Murex has identified trading and pricing functions as a strong growth enabler. Understanding client ability to launch new products is critical to gauge and factor in. Murex’s development of an unrivalled breath of functionality and asset coverage, and a platform that facilitates the growth and extension of its business, have proven to be a game changer. Clients are well positioned to add new business lines or develop new products on their existing platform with minimum change and improved time-to-market. Ultimately, the MX.3 platform enables its clients to grow their digital reach for price distribution. 
“Murex strives to be the top choice technology partner for financial institutions across the APAC region, and this year’s fantastic display of wins really reinforces that,” said Guy Otayek, CEO of Murex APAC. “We are especially pleased that all our efforts and endeavors to provide our clients with the latest leading technology and expert local support has reaped the benefits. We are honoured to receive these three awards and thankful to have been recognized by the industry in the 2020 Asia Risk Awards.” 

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