Get ready for the IBOR transition

Financial institutions face enormous challenges in the LIBOR transition and the transition from other benchmarks to RFRs. The reform is significant.

This transition is not a one-off switch — it is a long and complicated journey, with participation from regulators. Market participants need to take immediate action to ensure a smooth transition.

MX.3 for IBOR Reform can help you navigate the LIBOR transition and IBOR replacement, delivering new functionalities for all asset classes, including cash and derivatives, to ensure a smooth transition.

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IBOR replacement

A developing regulatory environment.

Emerging market standards and conventions.

Global impact and time-constrained transition.

Operation-intensive transition.

Complex modeling requirements for emerging RFR products.

Multiple phases and challenges loom post-IBOR cessation.

MX.3 for IBOR Reform

MX.3 for IBOR Reform delivers transition mechanisms covering all aspects of the reform, from the discounting switch at CCPs to the fallback mechanisms. Complemented by RFR indices, instruments, curves, and powerful impact analysis tools, our solution helps firms understand the impact across all business processes.
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Why choose MX.3 for IBOR reform?

Completeness An all-in-one solution for IBOR discontinuation and transition.
End-to-end solution for all aspects of the reforms.
Extensive coverage across all business processes.

Evolution Stay ahead of the market.
Working with leading IBOR industry groups.
Effective time to market for latest developments.

Ease of deployment Implement changes quickly and successfully.
Pre-packaged solution.
Built-in flexibility.

Expertise Excellence is in our DNA.
Highly skilled team worldwide.
Global reach with regional focus.

Seamless, flexible, intuitive

  Multifaceted solution

  Covers all business processes across FO, Operations, Risk, Finance

  Quick evolution as market transformations unfold (e.g. new instruments, new models, fallback protocols, etc.)

  Easy solution deployment


Through a comprehensive range of transition mechanisms across all asset classes and business processes, MX.3 for IBOR reform helps you all the way through early IBOR transition, cessation and pre-cessation scenarios, delivering end-to-end automation, increasing efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Discounting and price alignment interest
Simplify the switch.

Transition events for trades and securities
A smooth transition from front-office to operations.

Markitwire connectivity
Achieve full interoperability.

Hedge accounting transition
Minimize manual interventions.



Manage the transition of thousands of trades in a click.



Make complex mechanisms simple and efficient.



Ensure consistency across all business processes, front-to-back-to-risk.

With MX.3 for IBOR Reform, clients can trade, process and manage the risk of transactions based on new RFR instruments as soon as they are available on the market.

RFR instruments and curves
New RFR conventions and advanced curve modeling.

Markitwire connectivity
Seamless integration with MarkitWire.

RFR analytics
Add emerging linear and non-linear products to your catalogue.

Optimize calculation time for OIS derivatives books.

Learn more about MX.3 analytics.


Make informed decisions

Firms will need to continuously run impact analysis in the coming months/years to master the transition process. MX.3 for IBOR Reform provides key users from all business lines with:

A detailed view of the impact of the reforms for each benchmark index.

A quantitative assessment of the IBOR replacement effect for each business process.

The impact of the fallback processes through various what-if scenarios.


IBOR insights

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