An open platform designed for future capital markets

As the capital markets become increasingly complex and interconnected, financial institutions need a dependable IT infrastructure to help them navigate the evolving ecosystem. At Murex, we have a clear technology vision. With our flexible and open technology platform, we want to help clients simplify operations, reduce management and upgrade costs, and release value incrementally.

IT excellence

Leveraging best of breed technologies and cloud deployment, we give clients the tools they need to better control total cost of ownership. Our architecture has been designed for greater resiliency though component self-healing, giving higher platform results to the 50,000 people around the world that depend on MX.3.


The capital markets change at a rapid pace and your business requires technology with the flexibility to adapt quickly. By targeting smaller, more frequent releases through faster development and test cycles, our technology allows you to effecitvely cope with business change. Murex has also committed to greater test automation and continuous integration, feeding a continuous development strategy.


To ensure openness, Murex harnesses the power of industry standard API’s and protocols, including JMS, AMQP and REST. Part of our architecture strategy is the creation of new frameworks that allow for rapid development and deployment of Murex capital markets capabilities. Our API-first approach to product includes the refactoring of client legacy components.

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