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A commitment to successful client transformation

Murex is fully committed to assist clients in their transformation and ensure they make the most out of our enterprise platform.

The high level of complexity resulting from new regulations, and profound market evolution, had led institutions to seek strong commitment from their strategic vendors to support their evolving business models. Our service offering has been designed with this in mind, to take on increased responsibility and help our clients accelerate their transformation. 

We create and maintain all necessary conditions to become long-term partners to our clients in order to achieve those common objectives.

At every stage of the relationship, we dedicate the right mix of highly qualified people, expertise and methodology, from implementation and upgrade to active production support or SaaS services.

Murex worldwide services work as one team to provide uniform working principles and expertise wherever our clients are – the perfect combination of local knowledge backed up by global quality and consistency.

If you wish to learn more about Murex Services, please download the brochure here.

Delivery Services

  • Accelerated high quality delivery

    We add value to our clients’ businesses through rapid, high quality implementations where costs and risks are carefully controlled.

    Our knowledgeable and experienced implementation teams are made up of project managers specialized in our domain, business analysts, as well as technical and testing experts, all working hand in hand with our system integration partners.

  • MXpress solutions
    and Agile methodology

    Our MXpress pre-packaged solutions are founded on client best practices and designed for fast implementation. They are continuously enriched and validated through new releases.


    Our implementation teams use an Agile approach, involving business users in the early stages to validate key designs. They pay specific attention to knowledge transfer and testing strategy definition and deployment.

  • Integration partners:
    A cornerstone of our strategy

    We work closely with a network of global and regional integration partners, and constantly invest in these relationships. They provide our clients with easy access to skilled, cost effective teams who are up-to-speed on the latest MX.3 developments and in tune with our methodology. They deliver complementary services for implementation, upgrade or global outsourcing of business or technical functions.


Support and evolution services

  • A signature model

    Our support services model for MX.3 has been carefully designed through years of close relations with our clients. Our MX.3 related computer programming, consulting and advisory services focus on bringing continuous value to support our clients’ evolution and are a key pillar of our firm.


    This model is simply unique in the industry. An exceptional rate of 98% of satisfied clients (internal satisfaction survey) illustrates our dedication to building long-term, trusted client partnerships. In 2021, this exclusive support approach was recognized by AsiaRisk.

  • A personalized support focused on quality

    We consider anonymous helpdesks as inadequate in our industry and believe in giving direct access to named specialists.

    Our support team is an extension of our clients’ in-house support, and is responsible for understanding the client context and consequently delivering the appropriate level of response.

    A single team ensures continuity from assistance in implementation through to production support and evolution.

  • Proactive advice

    We also strive to provide a proactive advisory service to help clients evolve quickly while controlling their total cost of ownership.


    This may include a specific follow-up around upgrades, the design of testing strategies, or the organization and training of client support team.


  • The leading capital markets platform in a box

    Murex SaaS provides secure and rapid access to the MX.3 industry leading trading, risk and processing platform.


    It meets the requirements of both buy- and sell-side institutions.


    Murex SaaS combines MX.3 functionality with embedded trade and data connectivity, quality support and application management services. It applies best practices, regulatory and business evolutions with client-specific customizations.


    If you wish to learn more about our SaaS solution, please download the brochure here.

  • Security, availability and connectivity

    Our SaaS solution complies with world-class security standards (ISO 27001, SSAE16 SOC 1/2) and data privacy requirements.


    Murex SaaS is designed for resiliency and business continuity and can be customized to client needs.


    We deliver a framework that ensures seamless connectivity with third parties and client IT landscape leveraging out-of-the-box and client-tailored interfaces.

  • An extensive range of high value services

    We take full infrastructure ownership through our hosting, monitoring and management services.


    Our SaaS solution delivers the right balance between a high level of standardization and the ability to customize to meet specific needs.


    Leveraging our highly qualified technical and functional off-site support we ensure a seamless “Run the bank” activity and we empower “Change the bank” strategy.

  • MX.3 SaaS hosted on private cloud

    Murex offers its MX.3 SaaS solution with 2 infrastructure hosting possibilities: private cloud or public cloud.


    For customers preferring the private cloud, Murex is hosting MX.3 on a fully secure, private and dedicated technology infrastructure provisioned by hosting provider Options, specialized in financial technology managed services and IT infrastructure products.


    From the inception of MX.3 SaaS offering in 2012, Murex has been relying on Options to host and manage the entire technical stack required to run MX.3 for Development, Test and Production purposes.


    Options offers very flexible and specialised infrastructure managed services to Murex leveraging its long experience in delivering hosting services for financial services.

  • MX.3 SaaS hosted on public cloud

    Murex offers its MX.3 SaaS solution with 2 infrastructure hosting possibilities: private cloud or public cloud.


    For customers preferring the public cloud, Murex is hosting MX.3 on a fully secure, private and dedicated technology infrastructure provisioned on Amazon Web Services, the public cloud leader.


    Following the certification of MX.3 on the AWS cloud, Murex has decided to propose its MX.3 SaaS offering onto AWS IaaS and PaaS services to run MX.3 for Development, Test and Production purposes.


    Leveraging its leadership global position in the public cloud, AWS offers Murex highly standard and scalable infrastructure services.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Transferring expertise of MX.3

    An enterprise solution such as MX.3 is by design a very complete and powerful tool. The best way to use the system capably and cost effectively to serve business needs is by developing excellent internal understanding and ownership of the platform.

    Murex Training & Exchange of Knowledge’s (Murex Learning) mission is to continuously equip clients with this competency.

  • Quality learning content

    Our Murex Learning modules meet the needs of anyone across your organization who works with MX.3. Practical classroom training is augmented by online learning materials such as eLearning modules designed to continually reinforce basic concepts and user case studies. Our learning and knowledge transfer solutions are built and delivered by our specialists to ensure the right level of expertise.

  • Highly flexible delivery

    Flexible face-to-face learning is delivered in any location globally through our virtual network. Our teams ensure that high quality knowledge transfer occurs at the appropriate milestones: the right information, via the right media, at the right time.

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