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Continuous evolution services

Deliver innovation efficiently, flexibly and predictably.

Deliver innovation efficiently, flexibly and predictably.

Quickly getting to market with new products at a controlled cost is a process that begins in the Murex development factory. This approach continues at the client site through the deployment of high-value services, including implementation and frequent enrichments of MX.3. With Murex continuous evolution services, clients maximize MX.3 platform benefits.

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Continuous evolution services enable capital markets players to:

  • Stay ahead of new market practices.

  • Trade new products.

  • Comply with new regulations.

  • Consolidate legacy systems on MX.3.

  • Cope with rising volumes. 

  • Connect with a growing ecosystem of third-party systems and external platforms.

  • Leverage new technologies, such as the cloud, while ensuring a steady end-user experience.  

Rabobank Chief Digital Officer Details the Transformation Journey with MX.3

Chief Digital Officer Anton Rutten describes how MX.3 has helped Murex achieve the transformation the bank aimed for. Rutten highlights the strategic readiness of MX.3, the benefits of selecting the platform, a scaled agile way of working, leveraging continuous integration and adopting cloud infrastructure. Rutten also discusses how the way Rabobank approaches regulatory challenges has “fundamentally changed” with MX.3. Read the case study.

Our clients benefit from personalized relationships.

Murex continuous evolution services are powered by a scaled agile implementation framework. This approach provides the capability to deliver value incrementally with productivity, quality and speed with large teams that gather diverse business, technical, test management and project management experience. With this approach, a customer can deliver dozens of evolutions to end users frequently.

Murex gained experience with new ways of working with successful go-lives on hundreds of projects delivered across regions.

Each year, Murex delivers over 200,000 person-days of assistance and achieves 150 go-lives.

A dedicated continuous evolution team located in a client’s region accompanies them along their journey for both project and support activities.

continuous evolution services

Clients have direct access to Murex functional and technical experts, who deliver high-quality support and advisory services. This can be complemented with Murex’s large network of system integrator partners.

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