Options and Murex Celebrate Long-Term Partnership in Delivering MX.3 as a SaaS Solution

Best-in-class SaaS solution provides agility and a well-defined, all-inclusive subscription model

Options and Murex Celebrate Long-Term Partnership in Delivering MX.3 as a SaaS Solution

LONDON AND PARIS, April 22, 2021 — Options Technology, the leading provider of cloud-enabled managed services to the global capital markets and a long-term Murex partner, empowers MX.3 through its highly secure, enterprise-grade SaaS-enabled Managed Apps platform. Murex, the global leader in tradingrisk management and processing solutions for capital markets, is continuing to meet the changing and growing needs of clients harnessing its powerful MX.3 platform through a best-in-class SaaS solution.

“Our partnership with Options provides Murex SaaS clients scalable performance, platform flexibility and advanced security,” Murex Head of SaaS Services Paul-Alexandre Lourme says. “Murex values the capabilities this partnership presents. Our company is recognized as an established and industry leading SaaS provider thanks to this close collaboration.”

Capital markets players aim to trade new financial instruments, manage risks more effectively and securely, and comply with new regulations without costly capital investment in technology and support. As a result, demands to use MX.3 in SaaS mode are growing. Murex MX.3 SaaS, hosted on the Options Managed Apps platform, provides agility through on-demand delivery and a well-defined, all-inclusive subscription model. The global Options platform allows rapid connectivity to a wealth of markets and data.

To give a sense of the scale and growing adoption of the solution, Murex now leverages almost 2,000 CPUs managed by Options to host the various installations of the different customers used in Production, Disaster Recovery, Development and Test purposes.

As a mission-critical platform, MX.3 delivers high computation capabilities and requires round-the-clock technical support. In 2012, as clients aimed for a SaaS solution to reduce demands on their internal teams, Murex enlisted Options to provide managed infrastructure services. Murex was attracted by Options’ adaptable, team-focused approach.

“Options came into this with a great understanding of the fact that each of our clients have unique requirements,” adds Paul-Alexandre Lourme. “They are very innovative on the technical and services side and provide adaptive pricing.”

Additionally, Options meets all accreditation and third-party certification audit report requirements, a must-have for financial institutions.

Options’ COO, Stephen Morrow, says, “Our partnership with Murex has been a long-standing and mutually beneficial alliance. It has been fantastic to see the momentum MX.3 has been gaining through the leveraging of our Managed Apps product, and we are proud to be a key element in its growth.”

Murex and Options have established deep experience in providing MX.3 via the Options Managed Apps solution to a wide array of customers with diverse requirements and are ready and eager to begin a conversation with market participants about how the solution can meet their needs.

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