Murex Wins Best Use of Agile Methodology in the Sell-Side Technology Awards

WatersTechnology recognizes capital markets fintech’s comprehensive and longstanding embrace of agile ways of working

Murex Wins Best Use of Agile Methodology in the Sell-Side Technology Awards

PARIS, April 13, 2023—Murex is thrilled to win the Best Use of Agile Methodology category in this year’s WatersTechnology Sell-Side Technology Awards.

At Murex, getting to market quickly with innovations at a controlled cost is enabled by the adoption of agility at scale. Agile practices are fully integrated in the MX.3 Product Factory and in the Client Services department, which leads implementation projects for 300 customers representing 60,000 daily users in 60 countries.

Agile practices have furthered Murex’s positioning as the global leader in trading, risk and processing solutions for capital markets. Furthermore, the use of agile methodologies has been instrumental to the success of recent implementations and re-platforming projects.

“Embedding agility in our DNA enables Murex to respond faster to disruptions driven by external or internal drivers and enables our cross-functional agile teams to adapt to the constantly evolving capital markets landscape and commit to value-oriented outcomes,” said Jonathan Coyle, head of agile factory operations at Murex.

In Murex’s MX.3 Product Factory, 1,000 team members extend the MX.3 integrating platform and associated toolchain thanks to a fundamental change in ways of working that brings business expertise and engineering excellence together. Through its use of agile practices at scale, Murex can prioritize and plan clients’ requirements and strategic investments, identify and manage dependencies on the fly, adapt to new contexts & market needs, and deliver developments in a predictable time frame with high quality.

“The adoption of the agile ways of work has fundamentally changed our way of building and delivering innovations,” said Guy Otayek, global head of client services at Murex. “We are ready to address the increased client demand for more outsourcing of certain IT processes. These services range from environment management through DevOps Factory, to fully hosted managed software. Banks can then focus on business development, create new business lines, and release new products faster.”

Thanks to continued investment in engineering practices and feedback loops, Murex has been able to increase the release frequency of its MX.3 platform, providing our customers with increased flexibility to select the appropriate release based on content and timelines.

In 2022, to facilitate release deployment further, Murex introduced a new offering—upgrade as a service—to shorten client validation required for new and existing business solutions. Murex’s service includes automation, maintenance and execution of test activities that replicate the client’s unique MX.3 usage.

Murex has also led the way in the adoption of agile practices amongst its customers and partners and contributed to thought leadership on how agile practices adoption can positively impact the capital markets technology space. Murex contributed to an AFME paper that explored how to make the capital markets industry more flexible, innovative, effective and secure by adopting agile practices at scale.

Murex aims to deliver this agility “as a service” thanks to its customer division where over 205,000 man-days are deployed yearly to support customer transformations.

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