Murex, StarQube Partner to Offer Data-driven Portfolio Management System

Murex, StarQube Partner to Offer Data-driven Portfolio Management System

PARIS, June 4, 2024 – Murex, the global leader in capital markets technology for the sell side and the buy side, and StarQube, a fintech that provides a flexible suite of analytics and investment decision modules, have partnered to offer a data-driven portfolio management system through the integrated MX.3 platform.

This collaboration offers enhanced portfolio construction capabilities for portfolio managers using the MX.3 for Investment Management solution.

Murex provides the only enterprise solution that addresses both sell side and buy side requirements. Its buy side solution leverages its cross-asset Investment Book of Record (IBOR). It covers public and private assets to manage the entire investment life cycle, from decision-making to accounting, including risk management.

With StarQube's investment research and portfolio construction capabilities, portfolio managers can easily design, backtest and execute bespoke strategies on investable universes covering all asset classes. Additionally, it empowers portfolio managers to optimize investment decisions through rule-based portfolios. These investment decision capabilities rely on the StarQube conic optimizer and its extensive library of objectives and constraints, which, for example, allow the combination of ESG and financial criteria, providing a comprehensive approach to portfolio construction.

“We welcome StarQube as a new member of our buy-side partnership ecosystem,” said David Bellaiche, head of the buy side business line at Murex. “By integrating StarQube advanced analytics and optimization tools into MX.3’s front-to-back-to-risk platform, we offer portfolio managers a high-performance environment where they can effectively and efficiently make data-driven investment decisions, construct and optimize their portfolios, and execute their investment strategies in an end-to-end solution.”

“Integrating StarQube with Murex delivers a cohesive and secure solution, seamlessly blending investment research and portfolio management,” said StarQube CEO Guillaume Sabouret. “This integrated approach covers a vast spectrum of the value chain. Murex stands out as an ideal partner for StarQube, placing our platform within a comprehensive front-to-back solution. This collaboration also broadens our reach, connecting us with Murex’s extensive global client base in the investment management sector. Together, we provide clients with a robust and integrated solution that enhances their investment processes.”

Integration of MX.3 for Investment Management and the optimized investment decision-making process from StarQube brings common users many benefits. These clients realize better performance and efficiency by integration of portfolio construction and optimization of business processes in their investment management value chain, which is managed in MX.3. Their investment decisions rely on accurate financial and non-financial data curated from multiple sources and delivered by this integrated solution. Data and technology costs are optimized through an out-of-the-box integration framework focused on data optimization. Regulatory constraints are implemented in the portfolio optimization process to further support the investment decision process.

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