Murex Enhances MX.3 at DZ BANK to Cover Collateral Management

One of the largest MX.3 platforms in Central Europe gains cost-effective, future-proof collateral solution

FRANKFURT and PARIS, June 27, 2023—Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, has put the MX.3 for Collateral Management extension in place at DZ BANK.

The move represents the expansion of one of the largest MX.3 platforms in the EMEA region at Germany’s second-largest financial institution by assets.

“The use of the integrated MX.3 platform generates considerable cost synergies in operations and further development compared to a standalone solution,” said Rüdiger Welsch, head of operations IT at DZ BANK. “For the participating units from operations, treasury and risk control, several business improvements were achieved compared to the legacy application. For example, an increased level of automation in collateral operations was achieved for cash/security allocation and electronic margining.”

“This is yet another milestone in the longstanding partnership between Murex and DZ BANK, capitalizing on the ongoing evolution of the platform,” said Philippe Helou, managing partner and cofounder of Murex. “DZ BANK joins a community of more than 100 financial institutions that trust the collateral management solution provided by Murex. Operations, treasury, risk and IT departments at DZ BANK collaborated closely and successfully with Murex and Capco. The bank has gained a future-proof and cost-effective collateral management architecture and platform.”

DZ BANK now processes 1,400 collateral calls per day across more than 5,400 collateral agreements and the bank performs compliance checks for its custodian activity on behalf of clients. To address sophisticated business requirements from DZ BANK, Murex enriched its existing out-of-the-box content, mastering new, complex use cases.

Operations, treasury and risk, the impacted business units at DZ BANK, can now benefit from several functional enhancements and process automations, including connectivity to platforms such as MarginSphere and TriResolve, as well as an automated allocation process and an improved trade import process.

DZ BANK is a longtime Murex partner, with more than 1,000 Murex users focused mainly on the front office, back office and risk management.

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