Murex Develops Interface that Offers Fixed Income, Derivatives Data from ICE

MX.3 clients benefit from international venue data access that covers broad asset class range

Murex Develops Interface that Offers Fixed Income, Derivatives Data from ICE

LONDON and PARIS, September 8, 2022—Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, has integrated with ICE Data Services, which is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), to offer a more efficient workflow for accessing ICE’s fixed income and derivatives data via the MX.3 platform.

By incorporating ICE’s data into MX.3, existing and potential clients have access to a diverse range of daily and historical data—including cross-asset prices, volatilities and other analytics—which clients will be able to use to inform their trading, risk management and P&L management. Analytics, such as value at risk (VAR), can be calculated by MX.3 using on-premises servers or via a cloud provider using ICE’s historical data sets. Murex has also integrated ICE’s data into its demo environment to be used to help demonstrate MX.3 capabilities, as well as new business process-as-a-service solutions to its client community based on ICE’s up-to-date data.

“This agreement makes a great deal of sense for Murex, ICE and our respective customers,” Murex Global Head of Presales Central Function Frank Heanue said. “By creating more efficient and accelerated access to ICE’s data, we believe our clients will see benefits from having a new data source that better serves their needs. Our mutual clients also benefit from an off-the-shelf interface between MX.3 and ICE that can help improve time to market, upgradability and quality.”

Through the interface with Murex, buy-side and sell-side participants can use ICE’s data to help evaluate their positions. The data can also be used to run VAR, market risk, end-of-day valuations and other calculations.

“Murex has built a broad community of clients, particularly in the over-the-counter space,” said ICE Fixed Income and Data Services Chief Product Officer Mark Heckert. “By having an off-the-shelf interface to our data directly on the MX.3 platform, we hope to provide our mutual clients a more efficient way to access our high-quality data and integrate it into their trading and risk management strategies.”

ICE is a leading global provider of data, technology and market infrastructure, and its data business provides end-of-day and continuous evaluated pricing for fixed income, exchange traded and OTC derivatives.

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