Murex Continues IBSi Sales League Table Win Streak

MX.3 tops Wholesale Banking
Treasury and Capital Markets category for fifth consecutive year

Murex Continues IBSi Sales League Table Win Streak

PARIS, June 29, 2023—Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, is proud to retain its top spot in the IBS Intelligence Sales League Table’s Wholesale Banking | Treasury and Capital Markets category in 2023.

This is the fifth year in a row MX.3 and Murex rank first.

Murex is also honored to be recognized by SLT for Global Leadership in the Geographic Spread category, which focuses on the broad footprint of its client base.

IBSi’s designation highlights financial software vendor success based on the previous year’s sales figures—2022, in this iteration. Murex secured more new client signatures than any of its competitors last year, with advances across service offerings and a continuously expanding product catalog amid new and challenging conditions.

“We are honored to have won the trust and confidence of the market once again, as a partner of choice for over 300 global, regional and local banks,” said Philippe Helou, Murex managing partner and co-founder. “We look to continue to grow this community, across geographies, meeting diverse needs.”

MX.3 is under constant development and evolution and saw a 25 percent increase in research and development investment over the past five years. Murex takes strong, steady long-term positions and relentlessly innovates, regardless of the external climate and context. Murex sees powerful trends feeding a deep demand for the business and IT transformation the company enables, including the move away from silos and toward digitalization, cloud elasticity and cost reduction through containerization.

Murex also sees revitalized activity in credit and inflation products; a developing business in digital assets; a revival in commodities markets; significant FX volume swings; and a deepening of securities finance trading, all of which MX.3 is built to manage.

“I extend my warmest congratulations to Murex for retaining their leadership position in Treasury and Capital Markets in SLT 2023,” Nikhil Gokhale, head of research platforms at IBS Intelligence, said. “Murex was a leader in Treasury and Capital Market solutions by a wide margin, highlighting the strength of its solution in this space. Additionally, its success in the Geographic Spread category underscores its ability to effectively serve clients across various regions and markets.”

Going forward, Murex aims to maintain robust R&D investment, continued focus on its integrating and modular platform, MX.3, and to remain committed partners in client growth.

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