Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) Again Names MX.3 Platform Software Solution of the Year

Third consecutive category win in Technology Innovation Awards highlights innovation, accessibility and dynamism of Murex’s one product

Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) Again Names MX.3 Platform Software Solution of the Year

PARIS, June 21, 2024—Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, has won the Software Solution of the Year category in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.

This is the third consecutive instance that the MX.3 platform has been recognized as Software Solution of the Year and the sixth time overall.

The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards are unique in that industry peers and clients drive the voting process after an editorial shortlisting by FTF, the Financial Technologies Forum.

“MX.3 stands out as a platform that offers unparalleled depth in functional coverage and cross-asset analytics,” said Murex Global Co-head of Business Development Edouard Balliere. “Murex's real differentiator is its commitment to continuous innovation. With some of our latest investments we provide a hosted XVA business process, digitalize the sales and client experience, and boost securities finance activities. Looking ahead, our team is committed to support the digital and trading journey of our clients and remain their partner of choice.”

Murex empowers more than 60,000 users and 300 global clients across diverse segments— from neobanks to G-SIBs, buy side to market infrastructure—with its multi-asset, multi-function and modular MX.3 platform.

The award from FTF recognizes Murex innovation in addressing evolving market needs, often in collaboration with customers. With Rabobank, Murex expanded its MX.3 for Securities Finance solution to include settlement awareness, collateral automation and sophisticated instruments such as dynamic basket return swap. With a leading Canadian pension fund and a large European bank, Murex co-developed a private credit solution that enables clients to seize the opportunities of this increasingly popular asset class. Murex is also pioneering a comprehensive digital assets solution developed with the experience gained with customers that are already live on MX.3 for trading cryptocurrencies derivatives.

To accompany customer digital transformation journeys, extensive REST APIs unlock valuable MX.3 data. From curve analytics to P&L and simulations, MX.3 data are readily available for the entire organization. Also, a new “integration-as-code” framework, MXopenconnect, simplifies bespoke system-to-system connections. Finally, because openness requires choice optionality for underlying technologies, Murex supports multiple cloud providers and databases. These include the opensource PostgreSQL, and provide scalability, security and cost efficiency.

Over the past decade, Murex has invested over EUR 1 billion in MX.3 to fuel client digital transformation, regulatory readiness and agile growth. FTF’s repeat designation of MX.3 as the best software platform of the year recognizes Murex’s investment in the product, steady evolution in the platform, and its commitment to customer success.

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