A Modern Approach to Support New Challenges

A Modern Approach to Support New Challenges

In a recent edition of Microsoft Perspectives exploring the latest cloud innovations for risk and regtech in the capital markets, Stella Clarke Murex CMO examines how a single-platform approach can help capital markets participants rise to new challenges

Regulatory changes and the convergence of trading and risk management measures are affecting all areas of the financial institutions’ business, and legacy IT systems simply can’t adapt. “It is time for institutions to clean up years of merger and acquisition and accumulated system layers, so they can position themselves to compete effectively in the new normal,” says Stella Clarke, chief marketing officer at Murex.


Murex’s single-platform approach enables it to deliver its MX.3 solutions in the way that best suits the business – whether that’s an enterprise-wide or a modular best-ofbreed solution – so organisations can adapt and evolve their IT systems with the changing environment. “The modular platform approach of MX.3 acts as an agile foundation for our client’s IT infrastructure, connecting business processes and powering operations with advanced and specialised native business solutions for trading and analytics, post-trade and risk management,” says Clarke. “Our platform enables banks to transform and rationalise their IT infrastructure to ensure the full consistency of their processes, outputs and data.”


Murex has certified Microsoft Azure for its most demanding use cases in MX.3, and it plans to integrate Microsoft SQL Server 2016 as a relational database. “Those opting to adopt cloud as part of their infrastructure will continue to benefit from the support of Murex’s expert client services teams around the world,” says Clarke. “As well as cost-effective access to immense compute power, Microsoft gives our clients the ability to deploy and manage MX.3 more efficiently for production, test, development and disaster recovery.”


The company is also enabling transparency through the Agile and DevOps delivery approaches it is piloting with clients. “We’ve employed tools to continuously test, integrate and deploy new code, so clients could see new code incrementally and provide feedback as it was tested,” says Clarke. “DevOps offers benefits to capital markets participants, ranging from the ability to improve and update software more quickly and responsively through to greater control over the costs and risks associated with software development.”


Ultimately, says Clarke, Murex’s approach enables institutions to gain greater control over operational costs and risk while supporting revenue growth and delivering immediate value to the business. “We bring innovation to our clients and help them be ready with solutions that holistically answer the regulatory burden, while enabling them to rationalise their IT infrastructure and reduce costs through a single platform that is fully cloud certified.”

July 2018 - Published on Microsoft Perspectives - Risk and Regtech. Innovative Cloud Solutions for Risk and Regtech in Banking and Capital Markets.


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