How we hire

How we hire

You can apply for a position online. If your skills and experience are a good fit for us, we will invite you to take a unique, tailor-made assessment. Depending on the position you have applied to, you will either be invited to take an assessment either in one of our city locations, or online (generally concerns our software development positions).

Our process

  • First steps

    What happens when you are invited to Murex?

    Prior to sitting the assessment, we’ll share a brief presentation; to tell you a little more about our organization and our products so you can better understand how it all comes together and where you fit.
    This is a good time for you to ask your initial questions.


    What happens if you are invited to an online assessment?

    The assessment takes the form of a timed online challenge which you submit for correction. 

  • Why assessments?

    About the assessments

    Depending on the position for which you have applied, you are assessed in mathematics, finance or IT. In some countries, we may also want to assess your language skills. The assessments are actually designed by our founders and help us understand your potential and gain a better appreciation of where your strengths lie. They help us evaluate your logic and analyze your reasoning styles. With the exception of language and finance, there are no right or wrong answers. The assessments are challenging, but see it as an opportunity to show us how your mind really works.

  • Final steps

    On successful completion of the assessments we’ll ask you to come in for a series of interviews to discuss your expertize, your experience and your career ambitions. The interviews also give you the opportunity to meet some of your future team, get a feeling for our culture and ask more of those all-important questions.


    We are committed to offering you a role that not only makes the most of your natural talents and abilities but is a worthy challenge.


    We take hiring seriously – after all, it’s your career and our future together.

Why choose Murex?

For a new graduate or even an experienced candidate, life at Murex is a rich and intense multicultural experience; it’s a ‘sleeves up, hands on’, hi-tech environment, where the projects are varied and the view global. Based in one of our 18 offices around the world, you learn alongside the experts. We give you the opportunity to show what you can do, and the right to autonomy from the start.

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Office locations

We support global finance.
Established in Paris in 1986, Murex quickly grew into a truly international company. Today we operate seventeen offices close to all major financial centres, and are present in 60 different countries.

Office locations