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Center of Expertise

The Center of Expertise is the primary MX.3 knowledge repository.

The Center of Expertise is the primary MX.3 knowledge repository.

Murex clients use this resource to maximize their return on investment in the platform. 

It helps clients build and grow their MX.3 expertise at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The digital-first approach for knowledge acquisition and development enables client teams to master the MX.3 solution across functional domains, asset classes and technical settings. 

Role-based learning paths enable necessary skills development to use and support the MX.3 platform optimally. For instance, when a Murex client onboards a business analyst, the Center of Expertise learning package allows the analyst to autonomously support MX.3 front-office users in their daily platform use, as well as build required customization. 

The Center of Expertise also offers job-specific resources. With help articles and product documentation at their fingertips, platform operators can perform effectively every day. 

  • Six hundred Murex consultants continuously enrich these resources based on the latest market and product evolutions. 
  • As they interact with the center, clients can also share feedback and contribute to its continuous enrichment. 
  • A smart search function across documentation, articles and learning resources allows users to find what they need. 

Courses are delivered by Murex experts, with specific training skills and deep customer project experience. Courses feature exercises inspired by real customer scenarios. 

Center of Expertise facts and figures 

  • 25,000 person-hours of training delivered per year 

  • 3,000 documents 

  • 9,000 help articles 

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