Flexibility for an interconnected financial world

As the global capital markets continue to grow and become more intertwined, fast connectivity and easy integration are top priorities for financial institutions. Murex is commited to expanding its connectivity network and provides an integration framework that helps our clients effectively navigate the changing financial landscape.

Leading connectivity

Murex continually invests in connectivity and offers packaged interfaces to data distributors, trading platforms and regulatory bodies, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, SWIFT, CLS, Acadiasoft, IHS Markit, Omgeo, DTCC and Tullett Prebon Information.

The MX.3 integration framework allows event-based or on-demand connections to upstream or downstream systems for trading, risk, general ledger, web portal or EDM.  Murex’s connectivity capabilities ensure that MX.3 solutions can adapt to client-specific requirements. It ensures the cost efficiency of day-to-day operations and upgrade projects.

For a full list of Murex’s trusted connectivity partners, visit our webpage.

Advanced integration framework

MX.3 features a flexible integration framework designed to reflect today’s market standards and to adapt as standards evolve. The MX.3 integration framework is built entirely on the public APIs of the application tier services. Used in all MX.3 implementation projects, this integration framework is tried and tested.

Murex provides packaged integration content, from standard out-of-the-box interfaces to blueprints and re-usable components for frequent patterns of bespoke integration, drastically reducing integration costs. Packaged connectors to JMS, MQ, FIX and TOF, plus format translation templates, including FpML, SWIFT and CSV, are available for MX.3 to allow for easy integration within your environment.


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