MX.3 for Corporates

Unlimited capital markets capabilities at affordable cost

Large corporations are using MX.3 to strengthen risk management, centralizing funding and implementing regulatory and internal compliance. Examples include corporations dealing with EMIR reporting and hedge accounting, exporters managing their FX exposure or mining and airline companies controlling their commodity risk.

MX.3 delivers these capabilities along with the ability to evolve in a cost-efficient manner.

Advanced funding and risk management

The solution delivers in real-time the enterprise exposure stemming from financial and physical sales and purchases across all asset types, creating an extraordinary opportunity to rationalize funding, surplus, and risk management across geographies and entities. 

The flexible global operating model featured by the platform helps to model the group legal entities and organize central treasury as an internal clearer of risk, providing funding, hedging and transaction processing to all sister entities.

MX.3 offers an expert framework to establish a solid hedging program for all companies deciding to actively manage their FX, commodity and interest rate risks. Hedging strategies can rely on the widest choice of products, comprehensive analytics and advanced risk dashboards.

Operational efficiency

MX.3 implements powerful business workflows that cover the full trade lifecycle from price discovery down to accounting across all product types.
A dedicated set of rule-based pre- and post-trade compliance checks allows the set up, monitoring and enforcement of the corporate risk policy. In addition, an extensive list of market standard interfaces and reports are available to facilitate automation and external compliance.

Functional Coverage

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