MX.3 Institution Types

With over 300 installations and 50,000 daily users spread across 60 countries around the world, Murex has a truly international client base of capital markets participants. Murex's market leading platform, MX.3 , provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of investment managers, traders, risk managers, as well as operations and finance managers.



MX.3 is the solution of choice for bank transformation projects. Banks deploy the market-leading MX.3 for its best-of-breed features in trading, risk management and processing. Many leverage its ability to rollout a cross-asset value chain across all these business functions. Banking clients range from local, regional to global players.

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Buy Side

MX.3 enables asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and hedge funds to optimize their operational model and respond to market and regulatory change. The solution covers front office, back office and risk functions, delivering efficiency and control along the entire value chain. The platform’s portfolio management features are among the most advanced in the industry.

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Clearing Brokers and CCPS

Clearing brokers trust MX.3 to manage their entire house and client clearing business processes to build competitive services in today’s fast changing industry. The platform accelerates the rollout of evolving margin requirements, complex segregation models, multiple connectivity to CCPs and reporting.

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Central Banks and Public Agencies

MX.3 allows these institutions to adapt to the latest market conditions and rationalize reserves, asset and debt management, and operations on a single platform.

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Energy and Commodities

MX.3 delivers a global view for physical, financial risks and inventories, across base and precious metals, agriculture, oil and refined products, power and gas. The platform allows banks and commodity houses to develop client services and quickly arbitrage between products and geographies.

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Large corporations are using MX.3 to meet their challenges in building stronger risk management, centralizing funding and implementing regulatory and internal compliance.

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