MX.3 for Treasury

Empowering treasurers via cohesive
funding, trading & risk control

Current market conditions have lifted treasury departments to the top of bank’s investment priorities. More than ever there is a need to secure wider funding sources, review pricing rules and implement tighter risk, liquidity and collateral controls.

As traditional treasury systems struggle with new market demands, MX.3 addresses the requirements of the modern treasury function.

An integrated view to optimize liquidity management

Bank treasuries often rely on several disparate systems and consequently face high integration costs to achieve a full overview of positions. MX.3 consolidates money market trading and banking book exposures, as well as submissions from all investment trading activities, enabling central and local funding needs to be managed on a single platform.

Advanced risk monitoring, precise risk measurement

MX.3 complies with the latest regulatory requirements around liquidity ratios, hedge effectiveness and VaR. Analysis is delivered in real-time and integrated at every step of the funding value chain. Treasurers benefit from accurate analytics such as multi-curve calibration, collateral-based discounting and precise evaluations of contingent liabilities.

Control of operational risk and cost

MX.3 enables the rationalization of operational processes around a single data source, avoiding unnecessary reconciliations between front office, back office and risk functions. 
Its powerful business workflows implement an extremely high level of automation along the entire value chain.


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