MX.3 for Sales and Trading

Leading the way in cross-asset front office

The transformation of capital markets has compelled financial institutions to reassess business strategies, adapt product sets and rethink distribution channels under constraints of scarce capital and limited funding.

MX.3 is a powerful catalyst to accelerate business transformation and implement new profitability models, based for example on web distribution of products with an end-to-end automation of processes, on expansion into local markets or on fast introduction of new generations of structured products for specific client segments.

Market-leading functionality for each business line

MX.3 front-office solutions are recognized as one of the leaders, and in many case as the clear leader, for cash and derivatives, in each asset class and for each business line. Its comprehensive functional coverage spans from risk-based pricing and structuring to real time portfolio and P&L analysis.

MX.3 provides the most complete product mix in the industry along with the flexibility to create new products. This allows our clients to respond rapidly to market opportunities, and when required to support complex legacy books.

Naturally adapted to transforming markets

Optimizing capital usage and risk charges at trading decision level is just one example of necessary process transformation. It is natively available in MX.3 and made possible thanks to a native integration of trading and risk measures, and to the availability of consolidated views of risks and assets in real time. For example, the trade acquisition process supports real time IM calculation, CVA charge pricing or real-time checking of PFE limits.

More generally, MX.3 supports the latest in front office analytics and business processes, for example pricing with multi-curve and collateral discounting, and full connectivity with market platforms.

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Functional Coverage

Asset Classes

  • FX

    MX.3 has been designed as a global FX factory in a connected world of automated trading and large-scale distribution to clients.


    Tailor-made client servicing is supported by a comprehensive product mix from simple spot, forward and swaps to callable, pro-rata, NDFs, extensions or local markets specifics. 


    Web and distribution tools automate order execution and efficiently organize clients’ communication with their relationship manager.


    The platform eliminates inefficiencies along the value chain, with the highest level of performance and availability in the industry.

    For any trade captured globally, the entire risk and P&L picture is instantly delivered to trading managers.


    Risks and revenues are automatically allocated following your business rules: sales margins are converted, illiquid currency pairs are split. Rule-based compliance is executed and trades enriched, for instance, to enable CLS connectivity.


    If you wish to learn more about our FX Cash Trading solution, please download the flyer here.

  • FX Derivatives

    MX.3 confirms its long established leadership, perfectly adapting its product mix to today’s demand, more concentrated on vanillas and a narrower range of exotics, primarily TARFs and accumulators.


    It brings easy innovation in emerging markets specifics, or with hybrids such as DCD/TCDs.
    For FX traders and structurers, MX.3 drives profitability with the accuracy of pricing models such as SLV, advanced volatility marking, and expert sensitivities capturing spot/vol correlation.


    MX.3 supports the development of new business via electronic distribution of vanilla and exotic products to institutions’ core client base. It organizes the whole communication workflow between clients, relationship managers, and traders, automating the front-to-back chain whenever possible, and making the sales process more efficient.


    If you wish to learn more about our FX Options Trading solution, please download the flyer here or learn more in a series of expert articles outlining what's ahead for FX Options desks and how Murex supports clients in smoothly navigating this landscape.

  • Money Market

    The need to diversify sources of liquidity and actively develop secured funding has reinforced the central role of money market desks in trading.


    MX.3 delivers a global hub to service internal and client businesses across their funding and hedging requirements. Its versatile product catalog supports any strategy to optimize liquidity buffers and maximize the overall yield.

    Traders get full visibility and granularity with real-time global liquidity ladders and securities inventory, which feed expert risk profiles. Trading books with associated mark-to-market risks, as well as banking books, both marked-to-market and accrual modes enabled, can be managed.


    MX.3 delivers operational excellence to the entire value chain for high volumes, with a specific focus on user experience and high performance.

  • Fixed Income

    The variety of debt instruments has grown significantly, fueled by government spending, funding shift from bank loans to bonds and investor sustained appetite for diversified risk profiles.


    MX.3 provides fixed income specialists with a leading trading solution covering government and corporate bonds as well as structured securities on a very large scale of developed and emerging markets. It enables treasuries and institutional investors to efficiently diversify their investments and funding vehicles.
    The product catalog covers all types of vanilla or complex issues, such as mortgages, FRNs, or local markets specifics for Latin America, Asia or Australia.
    MX.3 accurately manages all types of risks, including bond yield, interest rate, credit, inflation and prepayment.

    The platform also manages the enterprise inventory of securities.


    If you wish to learn more about our Fixed Income solution, please download the flyer here.

  • Securities Finance

    To reap the full benefits of a growing repo market, you must address balance sheet challenges and cost-benefit pressures. Moreover, you need an IT infrastructure that will allow you to navigate a changing regulatory landscape - simple spreadsheets are not enough to comply with the complexity of Basel III and SFTR.


    MX.3 for Securities Finance reinvents active trading off the enterprise asset inventory, providing funding and collateral trading desks with a real-time view of their equity and bond enterprise inventory. The product catalog features tri-party repos with agent connectivity, specials, security lending borrowing, and synthetic financing, on vanilla or complex instruments. Corporate actions can be executed automatically. Compliance and concentration rules, as well as collateral eligibility checks automatically apply.


    If you wish to learn more about our Securities Finance solution, please download the flyer here.

  • Interest Rates Derivatives

    The daily work of an IRD trader has substantially changed:


    1. Pricing with multi-curves calibrated with sophisticated techniques.
    2. Discounting based on multi-currency collateral.
    3. Supporting IRD modeling subtleties : negative rates management, enhanced SABR framework, multi-curves Markov Functional or BGM models.
    4. Managing the specifics of all financial markets: CME swap futures, Brazilian DIs and IDIs, China 7day indexes...
    5. Registering trades to risk based P&Ls and live risk while going through the standard clearing workflow.
    6. Calculating PFE, CVA or IM in real-time across multiple counterparts for best execution.


    These are only examples of what trading a basic swap or option now means. This is what MX.3 brings, an immediate solution to all of the complexities of today’s linear, options and structured trading.

  • Credit Trading

    While credit trading has largely refocused on standardized instruments, and to some extent on cleared products, the appetite for sophisticated products is still strong with specialized investors.


    MX.3 is one of the few platforms packaged to optimize flow credit trading, whether for spreads trading or for credit risk hedging of corporate and emerging market bonds.

    End-to-end processes are streamlined, including interaction with affirmation, execution and clearing platforms, or the automation of credit events processing.


    The versatility of the platform also delivers full flexibility to those CLN traders or hedge funds engaged in optional and correlation products.

  • Equity Derivatives

    Flow trading is supported through speed, connectivity and accuracy of risk management for large portfolios on a comprehensive product range. Analytics include local and stochastic volatilities, SABR or SVI interpolation methods and smile dynamics.


    Structured trading: MX.3 natively provides the most demanded structures, such as autocallables, accumulators, and variance swaps, with quality analytics tracking local volatility or equity/credit correlation. EMTNs, structured bonds or warrants can be issued on the fly.


    Convertible bond trading: MX.3 supports an extensive variety of clauses including dividend protection, exchangeability, ASCOTs for hedging, and tailor-made funding structures. It accurately captures credit, rates, and FX risk dimensions.


    Delta one:The product mix ranges across all types of ETFs and synthetic products to provide other desks with liquid hedging instruments. Its powerful real-time portfolio management fully supports specific arbitrage businesses.


    If you wish to learn more about our Equity Derivatives Trading solution, please download the flyer here.

  • Commodities

    While post super-cycle margins lessen and regulatory pressure particularly increases the cost of trading in commodities, MX.3 offers an all-in answer to optimize business decisions. 


    MX.3 delivers a global view for physical, financial risks and inventories, across base and precious metals, agriculture, oil and refined products, power and gas.

    The platform allows banks and commodity houses to develop client services and quickly arbitrage between products and geographies. Producers and utilities can optimize production, transformation and trading decisions by having an integrated view of the supply chain with trading. Commodity and FX risks as well as volume operational risk are monitored in real-time with specific screens for position analysis, basis risk, VaR, delivery risk or physical delivery views.


    MX.3 supports the nuances of each market, for example warrants delivery, sub-hourly power curves, gas storage or harvest periods.


    If you wish to learn more about our Commodity Trading and Risk Management solution, please download the flyer here.

  • Structured Finance

    To overcome challenges in the structured finance space, Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) desks require reliable technology that will enable them to meet risk and regulatory requirements at a reduced cost of ownership.


    MX.3 for Structured Finance supports prepayment, risk analysis and cash flow forecasting thanks to easy integration with third-party data and model providers. It also supports hedging instruments to replicate structured finance amortization structures as standard.


    For more information about MX.3 for Structured Finance, please download the flyer here.

  • Synthetic Financing

    The appetite for synthetic products, including total return futures and swaps, continues to increase in the capital markets and is seen as a fast-growing investment area. Clearable and carrying lower custody and operations fees than physical products, synthetics may even have lower barriers to entries, particularly in emerging markets with no national custodian.


    MX.3 for Synthetic Financing has been designed to help financial institutions centralize activities, functions and trading desks, providing one platform for synthetic financing and securities finance trading, from front-office to back-office and risk.


    For more information, please download the flyer here.

  • Islamic Finance

    The Islamic finance industry is expanding, with a surging demand for Sharia compliant products and standards.


    MX.3 helps Islamic banks and desks accommodate client requests, offering wide product coverage and optimizing operational efficiency by automating post-trade business processes in line with Sharia requirements.


    For more information about MX.3 for Islamic Finance, please download the flyer here.


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