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How we deliver smart technology

In order to support its growth while remaining fully focused on its core expertise, Murex has developed consistent partnership programs with key players of the Capital Markets playground.

Across all regions, dedicated Alliance Managers define relevant strategies with System IntegratorsConnectivity PartnersTechnology Partners as well as Resourcing Partners and coordinate Murex collaboration with these companies, with a focus on long-term value creation.

With a robust network of trusted partners, dedicated governance, permanent training including embedments in Murex teams, alignment at all stages of client life-cycle, Murex is able to leverage its delivery capabilities across the globe while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its platform on the long run, and offering a high level of service to its clients.

From large firms delivering any type of services to smaller specialized shops, from Sell-Side to Buy-Side to domain specialists, from pure players to global providers, our clients have multiple options to cater for their needs.

System Integrators

Murex System Integration partners provide full range of services, from specialized expertise to fully managed services; they can propose flexible models, from staff augmentation to full outsourcing.

They invest consistently in tools and processes, including near-shore or off-shore Delivery Centers, to scale their capacities and further reduce TCO.

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Connectivity Partners

To reduce deployment cost and accelerate implementation time to market, Murex invests heavily in pre-packaging connectivity between its system and relevant third-party platforms.

Murex’s connectivity offering is maintained and evolves in line with its product evolution as well as third party platform evolution.

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Technology Partners

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Murex is collaborating with the best minds in the industry to deliver new and innovative solutions to our clients in the capital markets. From cloud to GPU grid computing, Murex continues to build strong technology partnerships in order to anticipate and benefit from change.

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Resourcing Partners

Murex collaborates with resourcing partners to provide our clients and integrators with specialists of MX implementation and production support across all asset classes, for investment banks, wealth management companies and insurance, utility and energy providers.

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