Murex Maintains Impressive Track Record at the Asia Risk Technology Awards 2021



SINGAPORE, September 29, 2021—For the third year running, Murex’s leading trading, risk management and post-trade processing platform, MX.3, has topped the Asia Risk Technology Awards, with a record five trophies:

This result is a reminder of how highly regarded the MX.3 integrating platform model is across Asia-Pacific and a testimony to Murex’s continued success in delivering leading technology to Asian financial institutions since 1994.

With the System Support and Implementation accolade, the Asia Risk panel of industry experts highlights unique strengths of Murex’s regional client support and delivery model. Particularly impressive was the firm’s ability to deliver projects on time and with minimum disruption through 2020 and 2021, despite the trying circumstances. The Murex teams’ reactivity and ability to embrace novel delivery methods, its innovative use of technology and the development of services leveraging its Cloud Solution are commendable.

Across Asia, strong durable client collaborations and an unmatched count of locally based expert resources give Murex a deep understanding of local market requirements.

Guy Otayek, CEO of Murex APAC, emphasized that the longstanding Asia-centric approach is instrumental in offering expertise and value-creating solutions to regional institutions.

“Coupling true customer partnerships with constant investment in R&D is the cornerstone of the Murex model,” Otayek said. “This empowers us to build solutions that not only address today’s global and regional needs, but also anticipate regulatory, markets and technology trends. Our clients stay ahead of the curve and can continuously adapt to a fast-evolving environment”.

Nowhere are these benefits more apparent than for trading operations. Selected Pricing and Trading System of the Year for the third year in a row, MX.3 also clinched the inaugural Best Structured Products System Support award, cementing its position as the solution of choice for front-to-back cross-asset trading throughout Asia.

Murex investment in advanced analytics, natively embedded with all MX.3 platform services, also sets it apart from competition. This provides advanced simulation tools and the capacity to support all XVA business processes end-to-end, elements that allowed MX.3 to claim the XVA Solution of the Year title for the second consecutive year.

“We are deeply grateful the industry chose to recognize Murex’s dedication to our customers, along with key evolutions of our MX.3 product suite,” Otayek stressed. “We thank Asia Risk for the acknowledgement, and our clients and partners for their continued support. These wins only stiffen our resolve to solving new markets challenges with innovative products and services.”