Alinma Bank Builds MX.3 Platform Capacity in Embedded Learning with Murex

Alinma Bank Builds MX.3 Platform Capacity in Embedded Learning with Murex

Immersion training in Cyprus aligns with ‘Saudization’ objectives. It can be replicated by Saudi banks and other financial institutions around the world.

Every year, team members at banks around the world develop MX.3 proficiency and fluency with guidance from Murex experts. Building bank staff capacity around diverse MX.3 solutions is a Murex focus.  

One successful approach to learning the different modules of MX.3 focuses on embedment—bringing bank staff to regional Murex offices to collaborate with several teams in intensive sessions, ranging in duration from days to weeks-long. It is an MX.3 immersion experience—a deep-dive into a sophisticated and evolving system, used in many ways by diverse participants, and catered to the audience undergoing the training. 

Murex immersed selected staff at Saudi Arabia’s Alinma Bank in MX.3 at an on-premises training in Nicosia, Cyprus, at the fintech’s offices there. The objective for the bank is to gain more autonomy in terms of quality and effectiveness of response time on user inquiries or issues and to gain familiarity with MX.3—its main screens and its workflows—more generally. Their employees are now trained to efficiently handle first level support and manage and contribute to projects and other initiatives in-house.  

Murex came away from the Alinma training with a reinforced conviction that the immersion training can be replicated to build MX.3 capacity among bank team members at other institutions in other countries.  


The methodology 

Murex capacity building initiatives, which can take place on a Murex site, are led by its team, with the aim to immerse users in the platform. Over years of iterations, Murex is confident on-premises training sessions can be replicated to meet company and government benchmarks and objectives.  

Murex’s work with Alinma was its largest training program delivered to date. This program was among one of Murex’s most intensive durationally, lasting seven weeks. Trainers, supported by Murex’s learning team, noted that Alinma's appetite to learn and discover diverse Murex functionalities was high, resulting in active engagement throughout the duration of the program.  

Alinma bank went live last October on MX.3, leveraging the platform’s Sharia-compliant products and processes front to back to risk. 

MENA clients have been excited by Murex’s training work with Alinma. The trainees are mainly newcomers and representative candidates of building in-country talent.  

Trainings follow a progression, moving from the basic introduction of the topic to standard training to advanced customized sessions where the client scope and specificities are studied and explained in detail so that bank staff can most adeptly approach their jobs. 

The training program is bespoke to Alinma needs and scope. It aims to help Alinma’s team on the first level of support during the validation phase of the current project by attaining MX.3 autonomy and expertise. 


Alinma staff attended core trainings, followed by dedicated sessions based on each profile’s area of expertise. Online and classroom training in Nicosia was supported by close, on-demand follow-ups.  

The trainings covered all Murex functionalities and processes, starting with an introduction to Murex and MX.3, from front office modules to risk, to collateral, back office and accounting, integration and reporting, infrastructure, and environment management (e.g., installation, monitoring, etc.). The final part of the learning included customized trainings. 

Technical and business training are mixed. Client configurations are used for the exercises. Participants are encouraged to set aside time from their business-as-usual responsibilities to truly home in on the taught material. 


According to trainers, separating bank team members from their typical working environment through embedded training is a notable positive, and highly recommended. 

Working from Nicosia, Alinma participants focused fully on the trainings. Trainees were able to develop strong working relationships with Murex’s team. Murex has noted that relationships forged during training strengthen and grow once a participant is finished with the training and executing tasks at their bank. Participants felt empowered and appreciated the investment in their professional development. Staff who are well-trained update their essential skills, have confidence in their work, and act faster independently when challenges and opportunities arise. 

Alinma will be more autonomous in terms of quality and effectiveness of response time on user's inquiries and issues. The bank will have a strong team that can efficiently handle the first level support and take on projects and other initiatives in house.  


Expanding training with banks in the kingdom—and beyond 

Trainings can take place at the client’s offices, virtually, or at Murex premises around the world—or a hybrid of those settings.  

The Murex team is prepared to initiate or further discussions with clients in Saudi Arabia, in MENA or other regions where there is a local demand for fit-to-purpose training.  


Murex is present and live at seven Saudi Arabia banks, with another financial institution under implementation. Murex is broadly active throughout MENA. Reach out to Murex’s expert team to discuss potential Murex-hosted, virtual or client-hosted training. 

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