Project Management

Project Management Services

There are two areas where we most need project management skills:

  • Software development – this is mainly a Paris-based, internal-facing role and involves mobilizing the relevant Murex teams for the on-schedule delivery of client-ready software incorporating all functional and technical requirements.

  • Platform implementation – this is a critical, international, client-facing role. The challenges will be as varied as our clients who operate in a wide range of geographical, technical and business environments. 

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Project Management opportunities

      Why choose Murex?

      For a new graduate or even an experienced candidate, life at Murex is a rich and intense multicultural experience; it’s a ‘sleeves up, hands on’, hi-tech environment, where the projects are varied and the view global. Based in one of 17 offices around the world, you learn alongside the experts. We give you the opportunity to show what you can do, and the right to autonomy from the start.

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