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Project Management Services

There are two areas where we most need project management skills:

  • Software development – this is mainly a Paris-based, internal-facing role and involves mobilizing the relevant Murex teams for the on-schedule delivery of client-ready software incorporating all functional and technical requirements.

  • Platform implementation – this is a critical, international, client-facing role. The challenges will be as varied as our clients who operate in a wide range of geographical, technical and business environments. 

The role of the Project Manager in Development

Your role in the Development is to provide project management support for software development projects. You help define project objectives, as well as plan and organize the resources and required actions. Throughout a project, you ensure that the schedule, budget and scope are respected and that any gaps in the brief or the spec are highlighted and solutions found.

The role of the Project Manager in Client Services

Your role in Client Services is to ensure our solution is implemented at the client site according to schedule, budget and our high quality standards. Client Services Project Management involves managing single or multiple projects according to front office, risk management or back office banking function. You identify and put in place appropriate project methodology and milestones. You also define and assign teams and resources with deliverables and deadlines, coordinating internal and external teams (client side and systems integrators) and measure and report project progress.

In terms of client relationship management, you organize and manage steering committee meetings, communicating project information and progress. Your aim is to foster an open, honest and trusting relationship throughout the project lifecycle with the client, systems integrators and fellow Murex teams.

Project Management roles are open to experienced candidates only.

Why choose Murex?

For a new graduate or even an experienced candidate, life at Murex is a rich and intense multicultural experience; it’s a ‘sleeves up, hands on’, hi-tech environment, where the projects are varied and the view global. Based in one of 18 our offices around the world, you learn alongside the experts. We give you the opportunity to show what you can do, and the right to autonomy from the start.

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