Teams & roles

Our global team relies on the twin pillars of software expertise and functional industry insight. We value the wisdom an experienced candidate can bring while taking a pride in nurturing fresh graduate talent. To better understand where your profile fits, take a look at how the different teams come together and the types of roles within each team.

Business Development

At Murex, we believe business development is not just about winning new business, but also about managing assigned accounts for product positioning, client satisfaction, support quality and project follow up. Acorss the world, our Business Development team manages the sales process for existing and new clients. 

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Working closely with the software development team, our consultants contribute to everything from product innovation to software delivery and support, providing technical and functional advice to clients, integrators and other internal teams. At Murex, consulting is the starting block for many career opportunities

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Corporate Services

Corporate Services are compiled of those teams focused on delivering services to Murex rather than to our clients. Our experienced Corporate Services teams are located in most of our offices providing support and advice in the following areas: 

  • Change Management 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Finance
  • Human Resources 
  • Legal
  • Marketing and Communications 
  • Training
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Based in Paris, Dublin and Beirut, our software developers define, build, deploy, upgrade and maintain high quality enterprise-scale software for the financial world. Following an industrial development and delivery process, we overcome the associated challenges related to this dynamic market, including low latency, high throughput, 24-7 availability and the computation of highly complex algorithms.

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Project Management

Our projects, like our clients, span the world. Project Management at Murex involves coordinating multiple internal and external teams, often across different time zones, to provide high quality products and services to our clients in a fast-evolving environment. Each project is unique and each brings its own set of challenges and rewards. 

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Technical Infrastructure

Based in Paris, Dublin and Beirut, our Technical Infrastructure team provides the backbone for our infrastructure and information systems. We deliver the associated services and support for Murex’s product evolution, client delivery and support activities for a 1 700 strong global team.

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Our Testing team ensures the highest standards for our platform development and evolution as well as for configuration within our clients’ IT environments. We look to continuously improve our methodologies and processes to ensure that system defects and bugs can be quickly identified and eradicated.

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