Why choose Murex?

We only succeed if you do

To invent and reinvent, we need to stay on top of what is happening in the financial markets and keep ahead of global regulations – all the while pushing the boundaries of technology development.

From our founders through to our interns, we work side by side, learning together, analyzing the industry issues and designing the software to resolve them.

We believe you should be fulfilled in your career and well-rewarded for your effort. We are a growing company and we want you to grow with us. Our compensation package and associated benefits reflect our sustained commitment to you throughout the stages of your career. We give you the opportunity to build your experience and the autonomy to show what you can do. We uncover where your strengths and ambitions lie, and together we can create a career path that makes the most of them.

Four reasons why Murex makes sense

  1. Working at Murex is a journey. Each journey is unique; you have the opportunity to build your experience, to define who you are and who you want to become.
  2. Grow your skills and broaden your understanding: continuous investment in learning and development is not an employee benefit, but core to how we do things.
  3. It’s sleeves up and hands on: at Murex, everyone from our founders to our interns is a ‘doer’. We give you the right to autonomy. Even if you are at the start of your career, we believe you can deliver on our trust.
  4. A pioneering environment: we drive innovation, we proactively encourage change and we challenge tradition.

Your career at Murex

  • Experience

    Opportunity to experience

    Our aim is simple – to ensure that you remain constantly challenged. We want to see you grow: not only by taking on responsibility, but by gaining first-hand insight of working across a range of compatible functions and business areas. There are countless opportunities for you to build your experience across our diversified teams throughout our global network of offices.

  • Develop

    Continuous development

    We are a people-focused company, which is reflected in our continuous development ethos. Training begins when you follow our intensive induction program: getting to know the company, our industry and our products. But it can’t stop there! In-house specialists constantly share their knowledge and we regularly tap into external expertize to ensure we are open and reactive to latest developments.  

  • Autonomy

    Your right to autonomy

    We see every success and every mistake as an opportunity to learn. By collaborating on the delivery of innovative and complex solutions demanded by the financial elite in the most challenging of real-world conditions, we learn fast. It is a dynamic, intense environment – because what you do matters to some 45 000 users of our technology. 

  • Innovate

    Drive innovation

    We foster an open management style and a friendly, supportive culture. We champion the best start-up character traits while being proud of our stability. Our 30-year heritage proves we are not riding a technology wave, but committed to innovation investment. We encourage questions, enjoy constructive debate and depend on applied creativity.