MX.3 for Clearing Brokers
and CCPs

95% of worldwide cleared IR Swaps are processed on MX.3

The world’s largest swap clearer relies on MX.3 for its OTC clearing business. This is testimony to the platform’s high performance, scalability and robustness. Clearing brokers trust MX.3 to manage their entire house and client clearing business processes to build competitive services in today's fast changing industry. The platform accelerates the rollout of evolving margin calculations, complex segregation models, multiple connectivity to CCPs and reporting requirements.

Margin optimizer

MX.3 anticipates cross-margining practices, delivering a wide range of margin calculation methods across clearable products. The platform connects to CCPs and can replicate or proxy margins of major houses, for regulatory and specific margin segregation models. Brokers can use advanced risk capabilities to guide their clients in selecting best execution and clearing venues.

Clearing factory

MX.3 exception-based workflows maximize the automation of the entire clearing chain, from connectivity to SEFs onwards to real-time margin calculation and trade acceptance, margin and collateral management, and down to settlement and accounting.

The platform is fully scalable for higher volumes and offers easy onboarding of additional clients. New connectivity points can also be seamlessly added for execution or affirmation platforms, CCPs and trade repositories.

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