MX.3 for SA-CCR

Achieve regulatory compliance, real-time limits
and capital management

BCBS 279, the Basel Committee’s final text on the Standardised Approach for measuring Counterparty Credit Risk exposures (SA-CCR) raises real challenges for the industry. Tight implementation deadlines are coupled with heavier data management requirements and the necessity to interpret the regulatory rules to adequately map complex or exotic transactions to the appropriate regulatory delta and PFE criteria.

Murex's enterprise-wide SA-CCR solution addresses these challenges by leveraging a highly configurable and version-independent packaging.  The solution integrates natively within the MX.3 framework to deliver real-time risk and capital management.

Securing regulatory compliance with optimal time to market

MX.3 provides an out-of-the-box, configuration based solution for easy and timely deployment and supports trades held in MX.3 and in other trading systems. The pre-packaged EAD calculations include mapping facilities for complex and cross-asset products and the centralized configuration offers transparent access to supervisory factors and calculation rules.

Real-time exposures and capital analysis

MX.3 produces SA-CCR & RWA results in real-time and for pre-trade capital consumption analysis. Comparison of SA-CCR, CEM and IMM approaches is available online enabling identification of the optimal counterparty for the trade based on ‘Total cost of Trading’.
MX.3 for Risk Control supports pre-deal limits on SA-CCR, or SA-CCR-derived metrics, along with other internal risk measures, thus enabling real-time regulatory restrictions and alerts.

Transparency through all SA-CCR interim results (directional delta, adjusted notional, supervisory duration, maturity factor, PFE, Replacement Cost, NICA…) and through all netting and hedging sets aggregation levels is available.


If you wish to learn more about our SA-CCR solution, please download the flyer here.

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