MX.3 for Enterprise Operations and Finance

The ultimate transaction factory

Operations are at the heart of the capital and commodities markets transformation as institutions seek greater industrialization leading to a higher level of automation. Processing factories also need to become more flexible to adapt to new opportunities and evolving regulations.

MX.3 provides a powerful means to accelerate this transformation by facilitating operational excellence and eradicating fragmentation, redundancy and obsolescence in legacy processing infrastructures.

The platform supports new opportunities at low cost, including fast rollout of new products, significant volume increase and the ability to develop clearing and collateral management services.

A processing factory to rationalize all post trade activities

MX.3 offers the opportunity to rationalize and consolidate trade, settlement and confirmation processing to an extent never seen before. This includes supporting segregated businesses in different time zones or servicing clients’ businesses.

Its trade repository covers the widest product range in the industry, including securities, FX and other cash products, listed or OTC derivatives, whether standardized, exotic or structured. It connects to any upstream trading system and is able to process large volumes, continuously.

Operational excellence throughout the value chain

Full deployment of MX.3’s business workflows leads to the highest STP rates in the industry. These workflows cover the full cycle from price discovery and trade, to document and settlement processing, and hedge accounting. They deliver seamless integration with execution and clearing platforms, enable total transparency and real time monitoring and can easily adapt to new business processes and regulations.

If you wish to learn more, please read our brochures MX.3 for Operations and Finance and MX.3 for Finance, and watch our video here.

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