MX.3 Business Functions

MX.3 is a powerful platform that fully supports multiple entities and businesses around the globe. Robust and modular, MX.3 solutions are available for trading, risk management and processing across all asset classes. Institutions across all market segments rely on MX.3 to accelerate their technology transformation and help reduce total cost of ownership. In a challenging regulatory environment, MX.3 delivers solutions that evolve and adapt to meet increasing demands.


MX.3 for Sales and Trading

MX.3 for Sales and Trading is a market leading front-to-back-to-risk solution for cash and derivatives, in each asset class and for each business line. Its comprehensive functional coverage spans from risk-based pricing and structuring to real-time portfolio and P&L analysis.

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MX.3 for Enterprise Risk Management

MX.3 for Enterprise Risk Management delivers enterprise solutions that allow banks to manage market, credit, xVA and liquidity risk—with a particular focus on FRTB, CVA Capital Charge, SA-CCR, and cleared and bilateral margining.

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MX.3 for Enterprise Collateral Management

MX.3 for Enterprise Collateral Management offers a single framework for enterprise-wide margining processing and optimization, regulatory compliance and collateral trading.

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MX.3 for Enterprise Operations and Finance

MX.3 for Enterprise Operations and Finance enables such transformation through a cross-asset framework streamlining standardized and bespoke processes. Its technology provides high automation along the full processing cycle of bilateral and cleared trades.

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MX.3 for Investment Management

MX.3 for Investment Management is a sophisticated and robust solution that allows asset managers to monitor their positions, risk, cash and security inventories in real-time.

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MX.3 for Treasury

MX.3 for Treasury is a front-to-back-to-risk solution covering all services, managing funding, liquidity and banking book risk management. It also offers an immediate response to treasuries selling financial products for their clients.

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