The Landscape Ahead for FX Options Desks: A Murex Expert Series

FX options desks face an increasingly complex and demanding context. The challenges they confront necessitate automation, digitization, proper risk and lifecycle management and sophisticated, leading analytics.

Learn more in a series of expert articles outlining what’s ahead for FX options desks and how Murex supports clients in navigating this landscape.

The Murex FX Options team sets the stage, exploring the evolving necessities of FX options desks. Then, Head of FX Options Trading Product Management Rémy Lagache homes in on  real-time portfolio management  functionality. State-of-the art models are outlined by FX Options Product Manager Ludovic Moulins. Finally, FX Options Product Manager Eugen Tiganu describes the lifecycle of  a  product  that  sees  expanding demand from FX derivatives market players.

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Trader Needs are Increasingly Demanding and Complex

This first in a series of articles outlines the landscape ahead for FX options desks and traders.

It is critical for FX options desks to invest in a solution that strikes the right balance between accuracy and performance. This is the first in a series of articles that will dive with some precision into how the Murex solution meets the evolving and complex requirements FX options desks face.                                                                             

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Real-Time Portfolio Management

The state of the portfolio in real-time provides deep and comprehensive perspective.

Traders operate in a fluid context that requires adaptability, flexibility, transparency, accuracy and real-time responsiveness, and require a solution built for this context. This second article in Murex’s series on the FX options desk homes in on real-time portfolio management and describes how this functionality meets evolving trader needs.                                                                                   

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Modeling Capacity

Fully integrated models manage cost and risk reduction.

The trading desk relies on model quality. In that respect, Murex’s offering meets the most advanced standards and market practices. This third article in Murex’s series on the FX options desk focuses on the importance of state-of-the art models to traders. The advanced risk modeling described includes local volatility and stochastic local volatility (SLV) models.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Product Catalog and Lifecycle Management

TARF, an increasingly important product: the example of what a system should manage front-to-back-to-risk.

A deep product catalog is available out of the box within the MX.3 platform, covering exotic and vanilla products as well as streamlined lifecycle management, meeting trader needs. This fourth article describes the lifecycle of a product that sees expanding demand from FX market players, the TARF, to closely illustrate the challenges of managing a trade.

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