MX.3 for the Buy Side

Welcome to the enterprise platform era

Investors and regulators demand greater transparency and timeliness in reporting. Risk influences decisions at every step of the investment process. Liquidity and funding constraints require proactive management of cash and collateral. Approximation in modeling products and analytics is no longer enough when it comes to delivering best price execution for investors. Diversified product range drives profitability, augmenting fragmentation in traditional infrastructures and leading to prohibitive costs.

The factors are driving market participants to regain control over the investment management chain and rationalize it around a single data source. MX.3 offers a comprehensive and integrated response, enabling asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and hedge funds to optimize their operational model and respond to market and regulatory change.

Full control over the investment cycle

MX.3 covers all investment management processes within a single platform. Real-time portfolio management is fully integrated with order management, compliance, risk and collateral management. The platform supports the full operations chain across assets classes and product types.

Real-time management of portfolios and inventories

MX.3 supports complex fund structures and diversified strategies across investment styles. The platform provides an IBOR containing front and back office data from multiple sources, delivering an independent view of positions, limits, risk and performance for informed decisions.

Portfolio and risk managers benefit from advanced market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and collateral management through using the platform’s best of breed pricing analytics.

Operational and regulatory excellence

MX.3 minimizes operational risk through end-to-end automation of investment decisions. Its workflow-based process management applies from order inception, clearing and processing, connectivity to affirmation and matching platforms. Compliance monitoring is available at every step for internal, investor and regulatory rules. MX.3 delivers connectivity to trade repositories and a flexible reporting engine for external or internal needs.

If you wish to learn more, please read our brochure MX.3 for Investment Management.

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