MX.3 for Investment Management

Straight to next generation portfolio management

Investment management and investment strategies have changed, embracing ever-broader product ranges that lead to higher returns, but also greater risk and complexity.

To support portfolio management innovation, investment management professionals often seek an alternative to traditional systems. The MX.3 for Investment Management solution serves the buy-side, while leveraging well-known sell-side expertise to offer superior risk modeling and performance analysis. Portfolio diversification results are delivered through immediate and simple access to any product type in MX.3 for Investment Management.

With MX.3, fund managers, rely on efficient tools to aid their decision-making: sophisticated risk analysis and monitoring for increased control throughout the investment lifecycle.

Real-time portfolio management across assets

MX.3 portfolio management includes a real-time dashboard to create, analyze and execute clients’ investment approaches. Position keeping, order management, cash management and compliance are all integrated to increase operational efficiency, reduce and account for risk, and meet investment objectives.

Assets and asset allocation can be tracked against reference benchmarks or liabilities in MX.3 for Investment Management. Real time what-if scenarios and investment optimization features provide managers with efficient tools to monitor portfolio risk and performance attribution.

Increased control and transparency to better serve regulators and clients

MX.3 supports compliance throughout the investment management cycle on any relevant business dimension. This covers regulatory, internal and investor requirements, which are monitored both in pre-trade and in post-trade to ensure that investment guidelines are followed.

Users can easily drill-down into holdings, investments cash balances, risk and performance figures for in-depth analysis of underlying positions, enabling better regulatory reporting.

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