When re-platforming projects are successful, they spur ongoing innovation, automation and customer centricity. They can also be complex, expensive and challenging. In this white paper we look at the latest models, trends and best practices enabling successful IT transformation programs, and explore potential opportunities for capital markets firms.

White paper:
A view from the field


With insight from ABN AMRO, Amazon Web
Services, ATB Financial and DBS, as well as our
global technology transformation experts, this paper
provides a global view of capital markets technology
today, along with trends shaping the future.


IT transformation is a journey

However you choose to approach IT transformation you must be ready to act decisively, breaking down silos and integrating front office, back office and risk. In this paper, we explore four core areas you need to consider:

Refocusing business models

Transformation means refocusing on a core model to better leverage capital markets trading and sales capabilities. A successful strategy needs to evaluate data availability and quality, as well as the agility and flexibility of new models.

Rethinking IT models

Rather than relying on fragmented legacy architecture, firms are converging toward a single-target IT model. This often this means leveraging vendor-developed platform solutions as a core and adding unique configurations to create an advantage.

Balancing standardization with flexibility

Market participants are moving toward more standardization and interoperability, enabling the sharing of business processes across silos and asset classes. Standardization and interoperability gains need to align with the ability to build out areas where IP is critical.

Leveraging innovation, from cloud to Agile

New technologies enable firms to respond and evolve with more flexibility. Cloud offers scalability, although security and cost concerns need to be addressed, while an Agile approach means large-scale transformation programs can be delivered rapidly.

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