MX.3 for Energy and Commodities

30 years of commodity know-how in one platform

Commodities markets have never been more global, complex and regulated. Producers, processors and traders are rethinking their business models challenging roles and responsibilities in the whole trading value chain. While many banks are disinvesting, commodity houses are completing their logistics and sourcing offering with packaged financial and risk management services. These changes require investments in IT infrastructure with direct benefit on operational efficiency. MX.3 accelerates the transformation of traditional silo organizations towards a cost effective infrastructure, rationalizing the whole cross commodities trading value chain in a single integrated platform across entities and geographies. MX.3 offers the agility to onboard the wave of new regulations, and quickly shift to the best business opportunities. The platform delivers operational excellence front to back to risk.

Optimize business and resources across physical and financial trading

MX.3 delivers a global single view for physical and financial positions including inventories in real-time, cross commodities. Producers, processors and commodities consumers can optimize their sourcing and manufacturing decisions taking into account up to date positions and market information. In addition, MX.3 provides immediate visibility into cash and collateral positions providing commodities traders the full cost of doing business with the best micro and macro hedge alternatives.

Expertise in energy, metals and agriculture physical trading

MX.3 supports the specifics of each market for both physical and financial products. Physical trades are easily captured and grouped in a business context linked to transport, quality, storage, currency, freight and other various fees and required hedges. A large set of operational events such as price, volume, quality and date adjustments are natively managed. Valuation takes into account all physical attributes and movements for an accurate timely visibility across the company value chain. The offer is completed with access to pre deal analysis, trade capture, valuation, position keeping of a large range of paper trading instruments. Dedicated risk tools such as profit or cash flow at risk, and volumes what if scenarios can be used to stress both physical and financial positions.

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