MX.3 Electronic Distribution

Natural access to electronic distribution and product servicing through portals and mobile applications

Most institutions are revisiting their distribution strategy, focusing on specific client segments and product mix. They target uncompromised customer experience and maximum efficiency to create sustainable revenues.

The MX.3 electronic distribution solution is available across all asset classes and products. It leverages automated trading workflows and sales margin rules, and organizes communication between traders, relationship managers and clients. It can be deployed on trading floors, in branches and on client sites through web and mobile access, creating an immediate opportunity to grow business.

A relationship manager can use an app on his tablet to manage his client’s activity. Similarly, a client can receive a live stream of spreaded quotes published by a pricing robot, initiate an RFQ or validate a trade in one click. All is automatically connected with the full value chain. For example, compliance checks apply, trading positions and risk are refreshed, and payments are processed.