MX.3 for Hedge Accounting

Meet international accounting standards with a powerful end-to-end solution

As standardization continues to increase in the capital markets, banks need to better align their risk management and accounting strategies. This is particularly important for financial institutions that want to meet stringent international accounting standards, particularly IAS 39, IFRS 9, ASC 815 and ASU 2017-12. Although not a regulatory requirement, the income statement stability that comes with adhering to these standards is pushing capital markets players in a new direction.

Comprehensive solutions for micro- and macro-hedge accounting

MX.3 for Hedge Accounting is an end-to-end solution designed to streamline the full hedge accounting process. With automated, integrated business processes, including trade management, risk calculation engine, reporting and sub-ledger functionality, this solution helps you to reduce operational risk. Moreover, it increases transparency and visibility, giving end-users, managers and auditors a complete view of the full hedge accounting chain, from trade booking to financial statements. MX.3 for Hedge Accounting also provides retrospective and prospective effectiveness measures at the reporting and accounting level.


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