Agile Replatforming

How can a single institution respond in the face of mounting and competing challenges? Head of Americas for Murex, Joe Iafigliola, shared lessons learned and best practices for agile replatforming at Sibos 2017.


Running and Passing the FRTB P&L Attribution Test

Listen to industry experts from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, National Bank of Canada, Murex and discuss how bank’s should approach running and passing the P&L attribution test.


Smart Technology for Capital Markets

From our comprehensive cross-asset, trading, risk, and post-trade solutions to our advanced technology platform and support services, Murex supports clients in their IT transformations.

White Paper

Reaping the Benefits of Agility in Capital Markets

How can an Agile approach help firms compete in capital markets? In this white paper we explore the benefits of adopting this approach, take a look at a recent implementation project using the DevOps methodology, and discuss Murex’s own internal Agile transformation.


MX.3 for Operations and Finance

How can you maximize asset usage in a heavily regulated market? Can your IT system help you control costs while reducing operational risks? To find out how MX.3 for Operations and Finance could work for your business, read our brochure. 


xVA Special Report 2017

What are the greatest challenges facing the industry in the world of xVA? How are new technology solutions evolving to help price xVA? Find the answers to these questions and more in this report.


Synthetic Securities Finance Can Unlock the Key to More Financing Supply

Etienne Ravex, Head of Product Management for Operations at Murex, explains why inventory management is a key factor for enabling the growth of your derivatives business and looks at where blockchain fits into the bigger picture.


Are You Ready for SA-CCR?

Murex and DerivSource have collaborated to explore the upcoming SA-CCR and the challenges it poses to financial institutions in our latest infographic.


FRTB Special Report 2017

Why do banks need to construct a new IT architecture to support the FRTB regulatory burden? Get the answer in this report and find out the importance of collaboration on the road to FRTB compliance.