SFTR Implementation Strategies

What's your plan for SFTR? If you need to comply with new financial reporting requirements, listen to securities finance experts from Murex and UnaVista as they discuss the key challenges and the core priorities on the road to SFTR compliance today.


Capital Markets Transformation- If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Doing Enough

What does it take to thrive in today's capital markets? Watch our video featuring representatives from AWS, ANZ and Murex to discover how IT transformation could be good for your business. 


The Potential of Machine Learning in Risk Management

In an interview with Hannah Wallace from Finextra, Tim Clarsen, Murex risk expert outlines the potential use of machine learning in risk calculations and the challenges on the road to wide-spread adoption.


How to Prepare for Capital Markets Transformation

Finextra's Hannah Wallace and Maroun Edde, CEO of Murex, discuss the factors driving banks to undertake transformation projects today, the technologies influencing this transformation and the processes required to succeed at Sibos 2018 in Sydney.


Cloud Adoption: Special Report 2018

In this report, find out why more and more financial institutions are considering a move to the cloud, the obstacles and opportunities in cloud adoptions and where regulations such as FRTB fit into the cloud debate.



When it comes to testing, the earlier it's carried out, the better. MXtest has been designed to test the MX.3 platform, accelerating the testing process and enhancing the quality of software deliveries. 


MX.3 Control Tower

In a changing market, it is important to make informed decisions quickly. MX.3 Control Tower provides managers with a clear view of activities, performance and operational risk, allowing them to take advantage of new opportunities. 


Murex Services

Leveraging over 30 years of capital markets expertise, Murex has developed a personal approach to services, driven by customer success and strong partnerships. Find out how Murex can help you at every step of your technology journey. 


MX.3 Post-Trade Capabilities

Murex provides flexible and open solutions for treasury, collateral, operations and finance, giving you the technology you need to improve decision-making, comply with regulation and optimize asset usage. Watch our video to find out how MX.3 can work for your business.