IBS Journal August 2020 - Written Interview

In this IBS Journal for August 2020, find out what Philippe Helou, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Murex, had to say following the company's recent success and proud track record in the IBS Sales League Table 2020.


FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2020 - Video Interview

Stella Clarke, CMO at Murex, gives an online interview to FTF (Financial Technologies Forum) following Murex's Software Solution of the Year award success for the third consecutive year in 2020.


As the Pandemic Struck, Years of Agile Transformation Prepped Murex for a Remote-Work World

Sezgin Yalcin and Sophia Peng share their perspective on how we've had to adapt quickly to continue delivering complex IT projects at the same high quality standard, as clients around the globe as well as our own teams continue to work from home.


Oil Went Negative. Murex Enables a Model Switch that Factors in Novel Plunges

The Commodities team at Murex share their insights on oil futures prices settling in the negative territory due to the coronavirus, and how the MX.3 Commodity Solution can help.


Accelerating Value: Enterprise agility within Murex’s product factory

In this webinar, find out more on our need to deliver transformative technology with improved quality, time-to-market, predictability, and flexibility for our customers.


Murex: RiskTech Quadrant Report - CVA Solutions 2020

In this research paper written by Chartis, the capabilities and market position of Murex's CVA solution in relation to other vendors in the risk technology marketspace are depicted in their RiskTech Quadrant.


LIBOR Special Report - Murex Q&A

In this segment of the LIBOR Special Report delivered by, Alexandre Bon, Murex head of marketing for APAC, shares his thoughts on how COVID-19 is impacting preparations for the LIBOR transition.


LIBOR Virtual Week

In this online industry event hosted by, listen to Didier Loiseau, Global head of rates, bonds and credit at Murex, as he shares his thoughts on the new world of risk-free rate benchmarks in the transition phase.


Why the time is right to embrace Agile

Now with the requirement for companies to accelerate digital transformation and update legacy software in response to a very wide and sudden global crisis such as Covid-19, thinking in a more agile way is now more important than ever.